AR-PIN / PDC: Flexible Advance Reservation of Intradomain and Interdomain Lightpaths

Authors: He, E., Wang, X., Vishwanath, V., Leigh, J.

Publication: IEEE GLOBECOM 2006

A collection of Grid computing resources interconnected by an application-configurable network of lightpaths is called a LambdaGrid. It provides data-intensive applications with the needed deterministic network bandwidth to transport data between grid instruments, high-performance storage systems, compute clusters and visualization systems, that is often needed for real-time interactive scientific exploration. Advance reservation is needed to guarantee the availability of network resources. Flexible scheduling affords users greater convenience while also improving resource utilization and acceptance rate.

In this paper we propose a unified flexible advance reservation model called FARM and apply this model to the cross-domain Routing and Wavelength Assignment problem. We will present the architecture and implementation of a coordinated Interdomain and Intradomain optical control plane, which is capable of flexible advance reservations. Our simulation results show that by just relaxing the reservation constraint and providing flexibility on the starting time, the network can carry 39% more load, and resource utilization can improve by 41%.

Date: November 27, 2006 - December 1, 2006

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14 Node NSFNET Topology - E. He, EVL

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