CAVE™ Simulator

Researchers: Carolina Cruz-Neira, Daniel J. Sandin, Dave Pape, Joshua Eliason, Thomas A. DeFanti


Funding: NSF, DoE

The CAVE™ simulator, a part of the CAVE library, is a development tool for CAVE™ applications.

The simulator is used to create the virtual environment, to place the objects in the space, to define and test the computation that takes place in the virtual environment, and to tune the application as much as possible before using the actual CAVE™ hardware.

It is designed to work on any workstation that supports OpenGL. Dave Pape’s article, A Hardware-Independent Virtual Reality Development System, describes the development of the simulator.


Date: January 1, 1993 - May 15, 2003
Third Person View in Simulator of CAVE within Virtual Environment - D. Swoboda / EVL

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