Mitologies 2

Researchers: Alan Cruz, Alan Millman, Dave Pape, Hisham Bizri, Joseph Alexander, Maria Roussou, Tomoko Imai


Mitologies is a collaborative virtual reality artwork for the CAVE™. It is loosely based on the Cretan myth of the Minotaur, Dante’s “Inferno”, the revelation of St. John, Durer’s woodcuts after the revelation, and Borges’ Library of Babel. Mitologies derives from the Greek word “mitos,” the thread Ariadne gave Theseus to help him find his way out of the Cretan labyrinth.

The participants in Mitologies re-experience allegorically Theseus’ journey, in an imaginary maze which experiments in combining this common element from different historical references. The connections between the above sources are central to the unfolding of the “labyrinthine medieval narrative” employed.


Date: January 1, 1996 - January 1, 1997
3D Model of the Mosque of Cordoba - A. Cruz, EVL

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