Replication of System, 2008

Developers: AnnMarie Cernoch, Ratko Jagodic

Replication of System, 2008 is an interactive, kinetic, sculptural installation, that explores communication through computer-human interaction and visual feedback. The human brain is the inspiration for the sculpture’s communication system; a central control unit receives a sigal (sound input from cardioid microphones) which then transmits electrical impulses throughout the interactive spatial circuit. At the core of the system is an Arduino board - a physical computing platform based on a simple I/O board and a development environment that uses the Processing / Wiring language. The core represents the systems “nucleus” from which the flow of information or data radiates. Contact sensors are connected to vine-like appendages that extend from the sculpture and are attached to various surfaces within the space it occupies. These “tentacles” act like sound sensitive ears, collecting input from participants through surface vibration. User input triggers a series of LEDs to illuminate and sound to be output via Piezo speakers and tranducers. The sculpture’s mood or reaction is directly correlated to the nature of the user interaction; if the user pounds a surface rapidly, the system will respond vibrantly to reflect an aggressive reaction.

Replication of System creates a feeling of ever expansive growth and informational movement. The project consists of a chaotic wire-filled nucleus that is attached to two sets of consecutive rings. Stretching out from the center of the project are vine-like arms that contain the small, yet powerful sound sensors. The appendages are attached to walls and flat surfaces in the space it occupies. A diffused spotlight illuminates the sculpture to create a sparkling coagulation of copper wire. As one moves around the piece, the illusion of growing wires emerges adding movement / life to the sculpture.

Replication of System is an exploration into how technology is an extension of the human mind. Using our brains as inspiration, we are expanding technological systems to create what was once perceived as impossible.


Date: March 1, 2008 - May 23, 2008
Replication of System, 2008 - A. Cernoch, EVL

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