Interdisciplinary Immersive Analytics at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory: Lessons Learned and Upcoming Challenges

Young researchers examine, as a group, large scale cosmology data in CAVE2.

Authors: Marai, G.E., Forbes, A., Johnson, A.

Publication: IEEE VR 2016 Immersive Analytics Workshop, Greenville, SC

We describe the lessons learned from three recent Immersive Analytics projects which take place at the Electronic Visualization Lab. These successful collaborative projects use the CAVE2 immersive hybrid environment. All three projects visualize multifaceted scientific data and benefit from interdisciplinary collaborations with experts across application domains. We further outline the challenges and opportunities ahead for the field of Immersive Analytics.

Index Terms: K.6.1 [Immersive Analytics]: Virtual Reality-Interdisciplinary collaborations; K.7.m [Technology]: Displays-CAVE2

Date: March 19, 2016 - March 23, 2016

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