Using Game Mechanics to Facilitate Networked Musical Collaboration

A screencast from a performance with Monad v0.1 [6], which utilized a client-driven rewarding mechanism.

Authors: Cakmak, C., Camci, C., Forbes, A.

Publication: CHI 2016, Workshop on Music and HCI, San Jose, CA

In this paper, we investigate methods for improving networked musical collaboration by introducing game mechanics to musical performance. We present a novel audiovisual performance system, where multiple users contribute to an over-the-network performance that is mediated by a variety of game-like rules. User evaluations and audience feedback collected in both private performance and public concert contexts indicate the potential of game-like music environments for improving musical interaction and listener attention in networked computer music performances.

Author Keywords: Networked music performance; game mechanics; audiovisual performance systems.

ACM Classification Keywords: H.5.5 [Information interfaces and presentation.

Date: May 7, 2016 - May 12, 2016

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