Echo: A Large Display Interactive Visualization of ICU Data for Effective Care Handoffs

(Left) Two colocated testers establish a common information space using Echo on a tiled large display wall that runs SAGE2 middleware. (Right) A group of testers run Echo synchronously on a large display screen, on a laptop and on a tablet.

Authors: Thomas, M., Kanampallil, T., Abraham, J., Marai, G.E.

Publication: IEEE 8th Workshop on Visual Analytics in Health Care VAHC’17, Phoenix, AZ, pp. 1-8

One of the significant challenges of care transitions in Intensive Care Units (ICUs) is the lack of effective support tools for outgoing clinicians to find, filter, organize, and annotate information that can be effectively handed off to the incoming team. We present a large display interactive multivariate visual approach, aimed towards supporting clinicians during the transition of care. We first provide a characterization of the problem domain in terms of data and tasks, based on an observation session at the University of Illinois Hospital, and on interviews with several biomedical researchers and ICU clinicians. Informed by this experience, we design a scalable, interactive visual approach that supports both overview and detail views of ICU patient data, as well as anomaly detection, comparison, and annotation of the data. We demonstrate a large-display implementation of the visualization on an existing anonymized ICU dataset. Feedback from domain experts indicates this approach successfully meets the requirements of effective care transitions.

Index Terms: ICU care transition, large display visualization, shared cognition, collaborative decision making

Date: October 2, 2017

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