System and Methods for Visualizing Information (US 9,800,862 B2 - CAVE2)

Illustration of user viewing an embodiment of a patterned-retarded barrier layer shifted adjacent to a layer of pixels from a side view.

Authors: Sandin, D.J., Peterka, T., Talandis, J., Leigh, J., Long, L., Renambot, L., Johnson, A., Brown, M.

Publication: United States Patent US 9,800,862 B2

A system and methods for visualizing information on a generally large scale. Certain embodiments include display elements that include a minimized border margin, 2D/3D dual functionality, and ultra-high resolution. The display elements may be positioned relative to an infrastructure element configured to permit generating a wide variety of display geometries.

This patent resulted in realizing the CAVE2 Hybrid Reality Environment.

Date: October 24, 2017

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