Usage Patterns of Wideband Display Environments In e-Science Research, Development and Training

The e-Science Research, Development and Training Enterprise.

Authors: Leigh, J., Belcaid, M., Kobayashi, D., Kirshenbaum, N., Wooton, T., Gonzalez, A., Renambot, L., Johnson, A., Brown, M., Burks, A., Bharadwaj, K., Nishimoto, A., Long, L., Haga, J., Burns, J., Cristobal, F., McLean, J., Pelayo, R.

Publication: 15th IEEE International Conference on e-Science, (eScience 2019), San Diego, CA

SAGE (the Scalable Adaptive Graphics Environment) and its successor SAGE2 (the Scalable Amplified Group Environment) are operating systems for managing content across wideband display environments. This paper documents the prevalent usage patterns of SAGE-enabled display walls in support of the e-Science enterprise, based on nearly 15 years of observations of the SAGE community. These patterns will help guide e-Science users and cyberinfrastructure developers on how best to leverage large tiled display walls, and the types of software services that could be provided in the future.

Keywords: tiled display wall, immersive analytics, visualization, human-centered computing, computer-supported cooperative work

Date: September 24, 2019 - September 27, 2019

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