The Smart Amplified Group Environment

Diagram of the scientific research, development and training enterprise

Authors: Kirshenbaum, N., Kobayashi, D., Belcaid, M., Leigh, J., Renambot, L., Burks, A., Bharadwaj, K., Long, L., Brown, M., Haga, J., North, C.

Publication: 4th Workshop on Immersive Analytics: Envisioning Future Productivity for Immersive Analytics, CHI 2020, Honolulu, HI

SAGE2 is a widely known open-source environment for collaborative immersive analytics on large display walls. This paper briefly outlines our group’s approach to evolving the SAGE2 software to support existing and future collaborative scientific exploration workflows through the application of Artificial Intelligence in Immersive Analytics.

Author Keywords: Immersive Analytics, Large Display Walls, SAGE

Date: April 26, 2020

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