Neither Here Nor There

Participants: Alan Millman, Christina Vasilakis, Deb Lowman (1966-2018), Marcus Thiebaux, Margaret Dolinsky, Maria Roussou, Milana Huang, Tom Coffin, Margaret Watson, Dave Pape, Jim Barr, Keith Beu, Tery Franguiadakis, Alan Cruz, Ka-Leung Jark, Daniel Sandin, Jason Leigh, Andrew Johnson, Robert Grzeszczuk, Louis Kauffman, Joe Insley, Sumit Das, R. Bargar

New Orleans, LA

Neither Here Nor There was a compilation of virtual reality art work shown at the SIGGRAPH 96, Bridge Art Show, and The Digital Bayou venues.

The Bridge Art Show consisted of a broad range of computer generated artwork and media, while The Digital Bayou emphasized highly interactive, cutting-edge graphics technologies and research projects; Neither Here Nor There addressed the focus of both venues.

Applications that later became integrated into the shared context software environment, entitled Oort Continuum were shown individually at the event. The Great Sandini Virtual Reality Circus, N.I.C.E., and Vandalism were also exhibited.

In addition, Vibrafloor, a sonic wave floor constructed by Joe Reitzer - an adjunct assistant professor in UIC’s School of Art and Design and an EVL MFA alumni - premiered at The Digital Bayou.


Date: January 1, 1996 - August 1, 1996
Still from Neither Here Nor There - T. Coffin, EVL

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