Alliance ’98

Participants: Andrew Johnson, Gary Lindahl, Greg Dawe, Jason Leigh, Jim Costigan, Thomas A. DeFanti, Tom Coffin, Carlos Orrego, Dave Pape, Josephine Anstey, Javier Girado, Abhinav Kapoor, Kyoung Park

Institutions: Alliance Partners

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

The National Computational Science Alliance (Alliance) is a partnership among computational scientists, computer scientists, and professionals in education, outreach, and training at more than 50 U.S. universities and research institutions working to prototype the computational and information infrastructure of the next century.

EVL, as a partner of the National Computational Science Alliance, participated in its annual meeting held at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Assembly Hall. The meeting’s research exhibition included demonstrations run on ten ImmersaDesks. Andy Johnson and Jason Leigh gave a tutorial on CAVERN.

EVL’s VR demonstrations included:
  • “PartnerBall” - A Dual View ImmersaDesk (Duodesk) Application (2 simultaneously tracked participants)
  • Cave5D using CAVERNsoft networking
  • Networked Virtual Director
  • Tele-Immersive Design Review with General Motors
  • Caterpillar’s Industrial Design Review networked to EVL / Chicago


Date: April 27, 1998 - April 30, 1998
Assembly Hall, UIUC - D. Pape, EVL

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