Home Transfer Released

Participants: Todd Margolis, Pat Badani, Dmitry Strakovsky, Ozgun Ozguc, Carrie Mandel, Jeff Holmes

URL: http://www.hometransfer.org

Paris, France

Todd Margolis, EVL MFA candidate joins a team of artists to develop HOME TRANSFER, a Web project by Pat Badani. The site has been selected by ISEA 2000, and will be shown during the Symposium in Paris, France from December 7th to 10th.

Home Transfer explores the intersection of home, architecture and new technologies. A dwelling made of bread and its parasitic invasion is used to investigate changing notions of place and presence. Host / Guest relations are established between artist, architects and people online.

The site features streaming video of architects discussing a cultural paradigm where technology affects aspects of domestic life in new ways. Visitors may share thoughts in two guest books provided for this purpose. The aim is to build a space for speculation where people can express their excitement and/or anxiety about this topic.

Videos and other elements are renewed regularly. Two archives record an evolving discourse.

Email: todd@evl.uic.edu

Date: December 7, 2000 - December 10, 2000
Home Transfer

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