National Tele-Immersion Initiative

Participants: Thomas A. DeFanti, EVL faculty, staff, and students

Institutions: Advanced Network Services, Brown University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Pennsylvania


Electronic Visualization Laboratory, Chicago

EVL as part of the Tele-Immersion initiative led by Jaron Lanier and Advanced Network & Services (ANS) is focusing upon allowing users in different locations to collaborate in shared virtual environments. This initiative aims to pool expertise and research from different facilities, and to “develop plans to build a national tele-immersive research infrastructure.”

The initial plans call for the building of telecubicles - a telecubicle is an immersive virtual reality office environment that can be networked to other telecubicles.

EVL is working with the Naval Post Graduate School (NPS) to develop the underlying operating infrastructure / environment for the telecubicles.

EVL is no longer directly involved in the (ANS) initiative, though continues to conduct research in the development of desktop and office virtual reality devices/infrastructure (1/2000).


Date: January 1, 1998
Advanced Network & Services

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