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Participants: Andrew Johnson, Carlos Orrego, Jason Leigh, Joseph Alexander, Maria Roussou, Tom Moher, Ya Lu Lin, Yongjoo Cho, S. Ohlsson, M. Gillingham, M. Orr, J. Jain, J. Hemmerich

Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, Oak Park, IL

EVL has installed an ImmersaDesk in the Abraham Lincoln Elementary school as a continuation of research into the use of virtual reality and tele-immersion in education. The ImmersaDesk will be a fixture at the school for the next two or three years.

Students at Lincoln will continue to take part in the Round Earth project - which investigates how virtual reality technology can be used to help teach concepts that are counter-intuitive to a learner’s currently held mental model.

EVL researchers are also developing new projects for the school, including Correlations - an investigation into the effectiveness of virtual environments as simulated data collection environments for children engaged in inquiry-based science learning activities, and the QuickWorlds project - which lets the teachers request 3D virtual models to enhance their existing curriculum.


Date: October 1, 1999
A. Johnson, EVL

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