Rem Koolhaas Uses the CAVE for Architectural Design

Participants: Dana M. Plepys, Jason Leigh, E. Breedveld, J. Adriaanse, A. Koning, P. Wielinga

Institutions: Academic Computing Services Amsterdam



ALIVE will allow Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas to work on his design for the New Campus Center at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago without leaving Holland.

Koolhaas / Office of Metropolitan Architecture won the Richard Driehaus Foundation International Award for the design of the New Campus Center in February 1998. Now the architects in Amsterdam and their clients in Chicago will be utilizing CAVE to CAVE Tele-Immersion technology between EVL and SARA (Academic Computing Services Amsterdam) to perform collaborative design reviews.

EVL and SARA have developed a collaborative version of the SARANAV CAVE navigation tool. The architects will be using the SARANAV CAVE navigation tool to load three-dimensional CAD models. This allows viewers to navigate through, create and re-play previously recorded animation paths. CAVERNsoft was used to provide SARANAV with avatars, audio conferencing, and network instrumentation for monitoring bandwidth utilization, latency and jitter of network traffic during collaborative sessions.

ALIVE gives EVL another opportunity to monitor network utilization in a real world Tele-Immersion application.

The researchers involved with this project are Edward J. Breedveld, Jorrit Adriaanse, Anton Koning, Paul Wielinga - SARA and Jason Leigh, Dana Plepys - EVL.


Date: October 1, 1999
Bob Harr © Hedrich Blessing

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