CityCluster as VR Matrix for The Collective Intelligence Network

Participants: Alex Hill, Franz Fischnaller, Prof. Pierre Levy

Chicago, IL

The CityCluster project had been selected to become a virtual reality networking matrix for the “The Collective Intelligence Network” project. As a networking project, Citycluster will be used as an innovative flexible tool of communication, information exchange, analysis, production, and as instrument for the research on the Human Collective Intelligence.

The Collective Intelligence Network is leaded by Prof Pierre Levy, French cyber philosopher and Canada Research Chair in Technology and Knowledge. Prof Levy is the author of LIntelligence Collective: Pour une Anthropologie du Cyberspace, La Machine Universe, Les Technologies de l’Intelligence.

The team’s goal is the creation of a network of research on collective intelligence. Intending “Collective Intelligence” as the capacities of the human communities to produce, exchange and use knowledge. The project aims at setting up a new field of interdisciplinary research, which has among other objectives to study the groups “cognitive power”. Power Prof Pierre Levy largely founded on the use and application of the new techniques of communication to the service of intellectual collaboration. Among the project’s objective is to develop the foundations of a new field of research centered on how the Human Collective Intelligence can be increased by technical means. The project will be developed, from four main themes: Scientific cooperation, on line Teaching, Public Health and Cyber Democracy, and Electronic Public Administration. Specific methodology and tools will, be set to measure and analyze every field under study. The project has a projected duration of four years, and includes also, a group of doctoral, studies focused on the subject being researched.

Franz Fischnaller will participate in the “Collective Intelligence interdisciplinary team”, and will be the chief VR designer of the Collective Intelligence Playground leaded by Pierre Levy, Canada Research Chair in Technology and knowledge.


Date: September 10, 2003 - December 15, 2003
CityCluster - F.A.B.R.I.CATORS

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