CityCluster as a learning tool for UNESCO’s Digit-Arts Portal Project

Participants: Alex Hill, Franz Fischnaller

Institutions: UNESCO

Chicago, IL

During the past year, UNESCO has shown an intense interest in the CityCluster project as a creative, educational tool for artists, producers, researchers, and interdisciplinary teams. The UNESCO “Digit-Arts Portal Project”, launched by the Division of Arts and Cultural Enterprise. EVL’s Franz Fischnaller has been appointed as a member of the advisory team for the UNESCO “Digit-Arts Portal. Project”

The main objectives of UNESCO “Digi-Arts” Portal are to disseminate historical, theoretical, and technical research in the field of electronic and digital arts, including interdisciplinary study of the arts and the sciences; to promote information exchange, intercultural dialogue, and communication among artists, scientists, technicians, researchers from different geo-cultural regions and support existing institutions and networks throughout the world in the transfer of knowledge; to enhance the capabilities of self-development, enabling developing countries to develop their own approaches and practices in various disciplines and fields of knowledge connected to digital arts and to encourage the use of creative digital tools among the youth for digital communication and creation.

The project is currently coordinated by an interdisciplinary group of UNESCO professionals from different sectors, both at Headquarters in Paris and in the field offices, under the supervision of Ms. Milagros Del Corral, UNESCO’s Deputy Assistant Director-General for Culture, and Philip Queau, Director of Information Society Division in the UNESCO Communication and Information sector, together with a network of partners and advisors working in the portal’s fields of competence.


Date: September 15, 2003 - December 15, 2003
CityCluster - F.A.B.R.I.CATORS

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