eternal joy: no words Inducted Into the Permanent Collection of the Russian Center for Contemporary Art

Participants: Josephine Lipuma

Institutions: National Center for Contemporary Art

Ekaterinburg, Russia

The idea of the OUTVIDEO NET festival is to integrate contemporary video art into the public spaces of Ekaterinburg city in Russia. The festival public screenings will happen on outdoor video screens network of Igrek Cinema company. Selected video art works will be shown during one month each day / night in the pauses between commercial blocks, on 10 city screens located in the most busy spots, altogether around 240 screenings per day/night. The selected work eternal joy: no words by Josephine Lipuma will be in the permanent collection of the NATIONAL CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY ART Ekaterinburg, Russia.


Date: May 5, 2004 - June 5, 2004
A still image from eternal joy: no words - J. Lipuma, EVL

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