CoreWall Workshop

Participants: Andrew Johnson, Arun Rao, Jason Leigh, Luc Renambot, Yu-Chung Chen, Paul Morin, Emi Ito, Sean Higgins, Bill Kamp, and 40 others

Institutions: Joint Oceanographic Institute, University of Minnesota, Columbia University


Joint Oceanographic Institute offices in Washington DC

This workshop explored possible development pathways for the CoreWall Suite of Applications - an NSF-funded project developinging a basic suite of data integration and visualization applications for broad use in the ocean, lake, continental, and ice “coring” communities.

To ensure that the appropriate specifications and requirements of the coring communities were being established, this workshop brought together 50 participants from a variety of ocean and lake (continental) drilling groups (IODP, ICDP, ANDRILL), databases (PetDB, SedDB, PaleoStrat),application developers (GeoMapApp, Match), web portals (CHRONOS), educators, and other interested scientists.

Date: May 8, 2006 - May 10, 2006
CoreWall workshop - A. Johnson, EVL

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