Screening: snstncntnr.1 at the 8th Annual T-10 Video Festival

Participants: Adam Trowbridge


21 Grand, Oakland California

Adam Trowbridge’s video snstncntnr.1 was screened as part of the T-10 Video Festival at 21 Grand, an interdisciplinary arts space in Oakland, California. snstncntnr.1 is an open source work and part of a larger effort to create and distribute open source “sensation containers” as XML and EDL video edit files.

About snstncntnr.1:
Outside there is something opening, we watch. What did happen? Utilizing the chance operations of broken telematic machines to scramble and reorganize a fictional reality, frame by frame, snstncntnr.1 is an open work. The structure has been released to the Internet as XML and EDL - so that anyone can apply it to video, or apply video to it.


Date: January 12, 2008
Still from snstncntnr.1 - A. Trowbridge, EVL

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