UltraGrid: from point-to-point uncompressed HD to flexible multi-party high-end collaborative environment

Participants: Jiri Matela

Tech Meeting 11:00am
EVL, 842 West Taylor RM 2068
Chicago, IL

Jiri Matela a computer science master degree student at Masaryk University at Brno, Czech Republic and visiting researcher at EVL will present the UltraGrid - a software for real-time transmission of high-definition video developed at the Laboratory of Advanced Networking Technologies (ANTLab). An extension of this research while at EVL will also be summarized, covering GPU accelerated video compression. An overview of ANTLab will be presented.

Email: xmatela@fi.muni.cz

Date: September 3, 2008

Document: UltraGrid Presentation
Laboratory of Advanced Network Technologies - J. Matela, Brno Marasyk University

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