Illinois Women Video Artists

Participants: AnnMarie Cernoch


Illinois State Museum
Chicago Gallery
James R. Thompson Center
100 West Randolph Street, 2-100
Chicago, Illinois 60601-3218

EVL MFA graduate, AnnMarie Cernoch will showcase a series of animated shorts and discusses her approach to developing art and technology at the Illinois Women Video Artists, Illinois State Museum, Chicago Gallery.

Cernoch will discuss Replication of System, a project creating a spatial circuit through user input from contact sensors extended in space and attached to surfaces it occupies. A replication system represents the flow of information, which is expressed via electrical impulses to a central core. Vine-like appendages radiating from the sculpture take on the function of sound sensitive ears to interactively communicate with the audience.

The presentation is free to the public.

  • Opening Introductions
    12:00 PM Welcome and Remarks
  • Filmmaker Nancy Bechtol
    12:03 PM Native Vibes
    12:09 PM Emjayzee and the Adventures of My Name
    12:15 PM Lightride Series: The Road
    12:21 PM Brief artist discussion
  • Filmmaker AnnMarie Cernoch
    12:26 PM Animation Series
    12:31 PM Brief artists discussion
  • Filmmaker Joan Truckenbrod
    12:33 PM Lightening In My Blood
    12:44 PM Brief artists discussion
  • Filmmaker Mary Patten
    12:49 PM Letter To A Missing Woman
    1:05 PM Brief artists discussion
  • Filmmaker Ines Sommer
    1:07 PM Arrivals and Departures
    1:10 PM Mud and Glory
    with Co-Director Kathy Berger
    1:14 PM Beneath the Blindfold
    1:25 PM Brief artists discussion
  • General Discussion
    1:30 PM Discussion with artists

For more information: (312) 814-5322


Date: March 27, 2009
Replication of System, 2008 - A. Cernoch

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