SAGE2 Multi-User Touch Centric Interface and Unity3D in CAVE2: First Steps in a More Interactive Virtual World

June 3rd, 2015

Categories: Applications, Human Factors, VR, Tele-Collaboration

Arthur Nishimoto using his mulit-user touch interface on an EVL tiled display.
Arthur Nishimoto using his mulit-user touch interface on an EVL tiled display.


EVL PhD candidate, Arthur Nishimoto presents his research in user-interface design for multi-user touch display environments, followed by an overview of CAVE2 virtual environments built with Unity3D.

Touch screens have become a more common interface for everyday use. The most common of these are mobile phones, tablets, and kiosks. These devices are focused for use by one or two people. Over the past few years wall sized displays are increasingly being used for viewing and analyzing large amount of information in a collaborative environment. The approach to designing a multi-touch interface for use by multiple users on wall sized display environments is discussed.

In addition, virtual reality applications and tools developed using the Unity game engine are presented. Special emphasis is placed on describinb the “Hearts and Minds: The Interrogations Project” - one of the first narrative art performances designed for CAVE2 that tells the story of American soldiers who over the course of their service in Iraq became torturers. “Virtual Campus” is also covered. It is a collaborative project created in conjunction with the University of Chicago (U of C) to explore the limitations of Unity and the CAVE2 System in rendering the U of C campus from an overview of campus down to interior details such as light switch panels.