Forum Studio and Mu/Dai discuss the intersection of digital UX space and Architecture

June 10th, 2015

Categories: Architecture, Industry, Multimedia

Joel Putnam
Joel Putnam


Representatives from Forum Studio and Mu/Dai present their company’s projects, as well as a collaborative research project focusing on the intersection of digital UX space and Architecture. Of particular interest is the use of collaborative technologies, tools and workspaces - such as SAGE2 to support this research and associated workflows.


Joel Putnam
Project Designer at Forum Studio, and Adjunct Professor at Illinois Institute of Technology
As a Project Designer with more than 10 years of experience, Joel is responsible for the initial concept design and inspiration gathering. For him, it’s all about the inspiration and analytics. He has demonstrated a creative approach to crafting building design solutions that are innovative and logical. Within these indefinable, arguably unmeasuarable, and in many cases contested kernels of complexity, you will find creativity and stimulation. Through his creative process, he has designed a number of complex mixed use and institutional projects, including master planning, throughout the United States and Asia.

Patrick DiMichele
VP, Experience Design, at Mu/Dai
Patrick has spent his 15-year career connecting organizations and audiences. To make that happen he sketches ideas and stretches ideas; makes stuff and fakes stuff; combines things and refines things. Resulting in work that generates meaningful impact. Most recently he was director of user experience at Manifest.