EVL Faculty G.E. Marai Awarded NIH COVID-19 Supplement

September 1st, 2020 - August 31st, 2021

Categories: Applications, Data Mining, Software, User Groups, Visualization, Visual Analytics, Visual Informatics, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence


EVL faculty and Computer Science associate professor G. Elisabeta Marai (MPI) along with H. Shatkay (MPI) at the University of Delaware have been awarded supplemental funding for COVID-19 related research to their NIH research project entitled “Uncovering Clinical Evidence in COVID-19 Publications: An Integrated Search via Text & Images”. This supplement expands the work done under current R01 funding “Incorporating Image-based Features into Biomedical Document Classification”, to support discovery within the CORD-19 collection -- a large, continually updated collection of more than 60,000 scientific articles pertaining to COVID-19. This supplement will create a comprehensive platform for retrieving and displaying well-focused, need-targeted medical information within COVID-19 biomedical publications. Our approach is unique compared to other text-mining methods because it leverages the image content in the dataset.

Funding: NIH R01 NLM Covid-19 supplement to Parent Grant: 1R01LM012527 (“Incorporating Image-based Features into Biomedical Document Classification”)