Research Experience and Visualization of Parameters from Multiple Numerical Simulations

April 7th, 2021

Categories: Applications, Human Factors, Visualization, Visual Analytics, Visual Informatics, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Data Science

2D Visualization of Particle’s Temperature
2D Visualization of Particle’s Temperature


Alumnus Jonathan Vega (BS 2020, Computer Science) presented his experiences and research as an undergrad at EVL entitled “Visualization of parameters from multiple numeral simulations” as part of the UIC Impact & Research Week. Jonathan’s research, under the supervision of EVL associate professor Georgeta-Elisabeta Marai focused upon learning how to visualize a data set for intuitive analysis. Specifically, Jonathan used contrail data to evaluate particle temperature over a given range of time with the goal of better understanding the impact of contrails on global warming. This was of particular interest to Jonathan as he is a member of the Colorado River Indian Tribe with firsthand experience of global warning on the Colorado River. The tribe relies upon the River for everything from food to Tribal traditions and ceremonies. Research has shown that the River flow has slowed dues to global warming with negative impact. Jonathan’s efforts not only resulted in a useful visualization tool, but his achievements were also recognized with the UIC Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Award.

Jonathan’s work contributed to research under NSF Award #CBET 1854815 “Highperformance Computing and Data-driven Modeling of Aircraft Contrails” PI Roberto Paoli (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering); co-PI G.Elisabeta Marai (Computer Science).