EVLers Participate in SIGGRAPH 99

August 8th, 1999 - August 13th, 1999

Categories: Applications, Education, Video / Film


SIGGRAPH, the ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics, celebrates its thirtieth anniversary in Los Angeles, August 8-13.

“The Round Earth Project: Collaborative VR for Elementary School Kids” by Andrew Johnson will be presented at the SIGGRAPH 99 Electronic Schoolhouse venue, August 10th, 11-11:30am. The video program documenting this research will also premiere at the SIGGRAPH 99 Computer Animation Festival, Electronic Theater, Shrine Auditorium, August 9 - 12th.

“Global Tele-Immersion at EVL”, a video program by Jason Leigh will also be screened at the SIGGRAPH 99 Computer Animation Festival Animation Theater, Los Angeles Convention Center, August 7 - 13th. This video documents EVL’s latest research in international collaborative virtual reality tools, techniques, and applications.

Josephine Anstey, Margaret Dolinsky and Dave Pape with showcase their virtual reality artwork as part of “Education Delivered Through Storytelling: Using Virtual Reality as an Education Tool” at the SIGGRAPH 99 Electronic Schoolhouse, Playground: Stand-Alone Exhibits, August 9 - 13th.