EVL’s Alliance Expedition Activities Presented at the 2003 All-Hands Meeting

April 30th, 2003 - May 2nd, 2003

Categories: Applications, Data Mining, Devices, Networking, Software, Supercomputing, Tele-Immersion, Visualization

NCSA Tiled Display
NCSA Tiled Display


EVL participated in this year’s All-Hands Meeting with presentations and demonstrations highlighting contributions to the Scientific Workspaces of the Furture (SWOF) and Modeling Environment for Atmospheric Discovery (MEAD) Expeditions.

The demonstrations consisted of streaming video over the Gigabit ethernet network (GigE) between EVL / Chicago and Beckman Institute / Urbana, using EVL’s TeraVision technology and the GeoWall to display climate and biological studies. A large eddy simulation of a 3D supercell storm was visualized with Vis5D and captured on a TeraVision box in Chicago, then received and displayed on a TeraVision box in Urbana. Though two sites were involved in the Alliance demonstration, TeraVision can be used to easily distribute simulations to multiple sites. The streamed simulation yielded very realistic storm features and wind fields observed in real thunderstorms.

Visualization data provided by data Bob Wilhelmson, UIUC.