Rutopia 2 - Virtual Walk-Through Presented at the IV06, London

July 5th, 2006 - July 7th, 2006

Categories: Networking, Tele-Immersion, Video / Film, VR, VR Art

Rutopia 2 - Virtual Walk-Through
Rutopia 2 - Virtual Walk-Through


Rutopia 2, virtual walk-through video animation was presented at the 7th International Symposium of Computer Animation and Visual Effects, IV06-CAVE.

This symposium was designed to provide a forum to the researchers, educators, and practitioners in this field to share their opinions.

The symposium aimed to identify presentations on Key research issues, review the current state-of-the-art developments, and outline future directions.

Embedded with the current research being undertaken in industry and academia, this symposium provided coverage of the salient aspects and sub-areas of Computer Animation within the field of visualisation, computer generated graphics, and beyond.

Rutopia 2 explores the aesthetics of virtual art in its relationship with the art of painting and Russian folk arts, such as Palekh, Khokhloma, Dymkovo toys, Fedoskino and Lubok.

The aesthetics of Rutopia 2 is based upon their principles of composition, bright colors, simplified shapes, and material culture. It serves as a framing device to unite the concepts of the network tree, public sculpture, and futuristic design while maintaining aesthetics principles of the previous centuries.

In addition, the development of tile display devices/systems and their potential, such as high-resolution, segmentation, modularity, and parallel computing, contributed in the conceptualization of Rutopia 2.