Producing High-Definition Hyperstereoscopic Video at SVR2007

May 28th, 2007 - May 31st, 2007

Categories: MFA Thesis, Video / Film, VR, VR Art

Cameras, stereo base and level
Cameras, stereo base and level


EVL alumna, Helen-Nicole Kostis presented an invited 4 hour minicourse at the SVR 2007 - IX Symposium of Virtual and Augmented Reality 2007, on “Producing High-Definition Hyperstereoscopic Video”.

The purpose of the course is to provide some background history to stereo vision, introduce hyperstereo, and provide all the key elements for the production path of Hyperstereoscopic Video process, including goals, technical limitations, and resolutions. Stereoscopic video can function either as a component or as a fully-fledged alternative in virtual and augmented reality applications, ranging from gaming to educational and collaborative environments and it can even introduce a new form of aesthetics in these environments.