Darshan Bhatt Presents Computer Science Masters Thesis WallCology

August 28th, 2008

Categories: Applications, Education, MS / PhD Thesis, Multimedia, Software, VR

WallScope in Classroom
WallScope in Classroom


Darshan Bhatt defends his master’s thesis Thursday, August 28, at 11am in the EVL presentation space Room 2068.

WallCology: Design of a Simulation Engine for Learners’ Embodied Inquiry in Population Ecology
WallCology is a population ecology simulation built on the Embedded Phenomena framework. The primary motivation for the creation of WallCology is to bring an engaging and authentic means of studying ecology in the classroom with technologies that are readily available in most classrooms. WallCology, currently in its third iteration and has been studied in three different classrooms. Student and teacher feedback from these studies have helped to continuously modify and expand the simulation.

Advisor: Tom Moher