after leaving a nameless communications company where i had spent the last three years, i returned to school at the university of illinois at chicago to further my studies of computer graphics, computer animation, and video, as well as embark on an adventure into virtual reality in the electronic visualization laboratory (evl). here is some of the stuff that i have done so far...

RT1 is an interperative language written in c/c++ that was developed here at evl. on this page you'll find some still frames from animations that were programmed using RT1.

the CAVE(tm) is a virtual reality environment that was also developed at evl. this page shows some of the things that i've done in the CAVE(tm) so far. here is where you can find out more about the CAVE(tm).

a julia set is the map of the behavior of an equation when its output is fed back into its input. this page shows some examples of what this looks like, as well as explains a bit about how they were displayed in the CAVE(tm) at SUPERCOMPUTING '95.

as part of a weekly seminar at evl, students give presentations on topics which are related to the field of computer graphics and are of particular interest to them. one of my interests is in simulating behavior. on this page you'll find information from a presentation that i gave on turtle geometry, which is one simple way of creating these types of simulations.

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