Exhibition Description

An opening reception and exhibition of the virtually immersive and interactive art piece, Inner Contact, is to take place on Friday May 18, 2001, from 6-9PM and will be broadcast through an EVL Access Grid node on site during the course of the evening. The exhibition continues Saturday May 19, 2001 from 11AM- 2PM.

On Friday, guests may stop by the reception area to arrange a time to see the exhibit. Five minutes prior to a show-time, an escort will lead an 8-10 person group from the reception area to the CAVE(TM). Saturday there will be unscheduled, open viewing.  For each show, each participant will be provided a pair of stereoscopic glasses for proper 3D viewing.  An environment navigator will encourage one of the participants to wear a head-tracker and explain how use the joystick to navigate. For proper perspective viewing, the rest of the participants will be encouraged to stay close to the tracked participant.


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