Scene Description

Main Environment- Neutral

Lower Level

Inner Contact opens in the lower level, a great space with columns, dark sky, two big and many small spheres floating around the semi-transparent waving ground. Also, particles sprinkle down from the upper level from time to time. As the participant navigates through the environment, there are several objects with rare movements. There is also a flashlight/spotlight attached to the navigation device (joystick). Therefore, wherever the participant using the joystick points, the objects will light up and change material colors.

When the participant is approaching one of the two large spheres, the current sound will start fading out and a new sound will fade in. It indicates that something will change. There are also small spheres, which have their own color properties floating up and down inside the two big spheres. One small sphere fluctuates between an abstract unrefined form and defined precise form. The other one moves vertically and leaves behind bubble trails. Both of them are teleporters and will teleport the participant to another environment.
There is a stairway that the participant can walk up. The participant can reach the higher platform and catch the grand view of the lower level of the environment.
Upper Level

After walking up the stairway to the upper level, the participant will discover where the particles come from. Tops of columns with open and close motions generate those particles. There is also a big sphere with small sphere floating inside like the two at the lower level. When the participant is getting close to the big and small spheres, there is the same change in music as the lower level.


First Environment- Creatures

The participant will explore creatures of the most basic life forms, which are supposed to be so extremely small that human eyes can't see them. However, they become bigger than the participant's physical figure scale in this virtual environment. This environment opens with creatures performing cycling motions. Their behaviors models are chasing and capturing. They are all composed of spheres with high contrast and colorful texture maps. Each creature has its own cycling motion. Most their motions are like the combination of tails bending, waving or rotating. The sky is rippling with colors changing randomly and the semi-transparent ground is waving. The participant will navigate and explore what kind of creatures exists within the environment.

After awhile, the participant will discover the small sphere floating inside the big semi- transparent sphere. This small sphere has the same behavior and color properties as the one that teleported the participant to this Creatures environment. The participant can use it to teleport oneself back to the main environment.


Second Environment- Dream

Within the Dream environment, the participant is immersed in waving objects and an abstract fountain, which generates bubbles bouncing around from time to time. Unlike other environments, it is an abstract landscape environment with the texture moving along the surface slowly. The longer one stays, the faster texture movement will be. Here is also a wire frame sphere with a moving texture map wrapping around the whole environment. With a dark sky, it gives the sense of infinite space.

Like the Creatures environment, the participant will see a small sphere with the bubble trails and then interact with it in order to teleport back to the main environment.


Third Environment- Universe

It is a totally semi-transparent world. There is a structure with three levels. In the center of the world, the participant can explore a rotating crystal-like object that is composed of different sized, angular cones. It also has a central column that is compressing and extending, fading in and out alternatively. While the participant is moving close to the crystal-like object and travels inside the column, the column will stop fading and compressing or extending, and transport the participant up to the higher levels.

The first level
The same object is repeated six times and placed around in a circle. The objects will be waving when the participant reaches this level. The participant is encouraged to navigate outside the column and look around.

The second level
Seven objects are placed on this level. As the user approaches each of the objects, the objects will begin emitting bubbles towards you.

The top level
When the participant reaches the top level, they can walk and look around the whole structure from the highest vantage point and the column will remain stationary. The teleporter is a sphere and a texture-mapped ring underneath moving together slowly. It will teleport the participant back to the main environment. If the participant prefers to go down again, one can either jump from the edge or get inside the column again.


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