Installation Description


Inner Contact was created for the CAVE (CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment). The CAVE is a theater 10 x 10 x 10 feet, room-sized, multi-person, high-resolution 3D projection-based and stereo audio environment developed at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Within the CAVE, an individual can become immersed in a virtual environment by wearing stereoscopic/3D glasses. The visual perspective of one individual is tracked and can be simultaneously viewed by the other participants. Navigation and interaction within the environment is accomplished with input device (a 3D mouse containing buttons and a joystick).

Since Inner Contact requires a lot of extra transparent texture map calculation, an independent InfiniteReality graphics engine must drive each projector.


Inner Contact was programmed in C using OpenGL, the CAVE library, and NCSA's VSS audio library.

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