Collaborative VisualEyes

June 19th, 2000

Categories: Applications, Industrial VR, Software, Tele-Immersion, Visualization, VR

Example Portals to Other Analysis Data
Example Portals to Other Analysis Data


Smith, R., Pawlicki, R., Leigh, J., Brown, D.


Collaborative VisualEyes is the latest version of VisualEyes - the virtual reality systems used by Genreal Motors since 1993. Internaly developed, VisualEyes has been in production use since early 1995 in design and engineering applications, and is globally deployed. Collaboratoive VisualEyes enables global experimentation in distributed design reviews, and such experiments have been taking place to identify requiremements. The paper describes the simple, but powerful way that VisualEyes was retrofitted for collaboration, using CAVERNsoft. The same architecture is used to connect GM’s high-end immersive displays to each other and to live applications. An example of a distributed design review scenario follows the architectural description.


Smith, R., Pawlicki, R., Leigh, J., Brown, D., Collaborative VisualEyes, Proceedings of IPT 2000: Immersive Projection Technology Workshop, Ames, IA, June 19th, 2000.