SANDBOX: Scientists Accessing Necessary Data Based on eXperimentation

July 1st, 1994 - July 15th, 1994

Categories: Applications, Visualization

Application Interface
Application Interface


Scientific databases contain enormous amounts of data collected through experimentation. They are accessed by investigators from many disciplines, most of whom are unfamiliar with databases and their associated query languages.

Using the SANDBOX, an investigator places virtual instruments into a virtual reenactment of the original experiment and collects data from the scientific database in much the same way that the original data were collected.

This prototype of the SANDBOX allows an investigator to access parts of NASA’s FIFE scientific database, which contains data from ground experiments, airborne instruments, and satellite photographs for developing ways to measure surface climatology from satellite information.

This application was a part of VROOM - the Virtual Reality Room event showcased at SIGGRAPH 94.