Evolution of Shape and Sound via Genetic Programming

November 1st, 1992 - November 1st, 1993

Categories: Applications


The ideas of genetic evolution combine with computer science and art to create aesthetically pleasing shapes and sounds. A gene is a symbolic mathematical expression that determines the unique geometric shape and sound of an object in this virtual world.

CAVE participants rotate, mutate or marry objects to other objects of the same generation, or request the system to recalculate the objects in high-resolution mode (which affects the computer’s response time).

The CAVE enables participants to explore these genetic lifeforms, both visually and aurally, in a true 3D environment. This research employs a new algorithm for genetic evolution, recognizes shape and sound as integral components of its lifeforms, algorithmically generates shapes and sounds based on a user’s selection criteria, and displays the lifeforms in a surround-screen, surround-sound environment.

This application was a part of Experiential Science in The Virtual Reality Theater venue at Supercomputing ’93.