Masters Text Followed
Computer Networking Computer NetworksJames Kurose and Ross
Advanced Computer Vision 3D computer Vision by Trucco, Vierri
Virtual Reality  Understanding Virtual Reality: Interface, Application, and Design - Bill Sherman, Alan Craig
Computer Graphics Interactive 3D Computer Graphics . Foley et all
Object Oriented Programming OOPS using Smalltalk and C++--- Caleb Drake
Computer Animation  Advanced Animation and Rendering Techniques: Theory and Practice by Alan Watt, Mark Watt
Computer System Security  Ross Anderson, Security Engineering, John Wiley


Bachelors Text Followed
Data Structures
Fundementals of Data Structures,-- S.Sahni
Microprocessor and Assembly Language Programming Microprocessors and Interfacing, --Douglas V Hall
Operating systems Operating systems,-- Silber Schatz,Peterson, Galvin
Design and Analysis of Algorithms Fundementals of Computer Algorithms - S.Sahni
Discrete Mathematics Graph theory- Narsingh Deo
Computer Architecture Computer System Architecture -- Morris Mano
Compiler Design Compiler Design --- V.Aho , J.D.Ullman
DBMS DBMS - Raghu Ramakrishnan
AI, Expert Systems AI-- Elaine Rich
Parallel Processing and Distributed Systems Parallel Computing -- Michael Quinnxr
Software Engineering Software Engineering -- R.S. Presssman
Neural Networks Neural Networks-- James Freeman, David Scapura