Current Projects

Effective Use of Large Visualization Displays

EVL has been working since 2002 investigating how groups can effectively use large displays for interactive visualization of complex datasets.


CAVE2 is evl's successor to the cave from 1992 giving 10 times the resolution and increased brightness and contrast at half the cost using 72 thin border passive stereoscopic LCD panels and optical tracking.


SAGE is a graphics streaming architecture for supporting collaborative scientific visualization envi­ron­ments with potentially hundreds of mega­pixels of contiguous display resolution. This allows us to stream, display, and interact with multiple visual­ization win­dows on our 100 megapixel Lambda­Vision display for colla­borative visual­ization work.


This project is deveoping an ultra-high resolution spherial photometric, radiometric and photogrammetric real-time data-acquisition, sensor-based, camera system.


This project is the successor to the ENDURANCE project, which will explore the ecosystems beneath and within the Antarctic ice shelves as a precursor to the search for life on icy worlds such as Europa.


Articulate is a semi-automated visual analytic system that is guided by a conversational user interface to allow users to verbally describe and then manipulate what they want to see.

Cyber Commons

A Cyber-Commons is a technology-enhanced meeting room on a university campus that supports local and distance col­labor­ation and promotes group-oriented problem solving. It is a next-gener­ation computer science resource that relies upon ad­vanced networking and multiple high-definition (HD) displays to trans­form the tradi­tional computer lab/class­room filled with terminals into a work environ­ment that facil­itates and encour­ages group collaboration.