Current Projects


Hummingbird is a collaborative project with the Goodman Theater in Chicago demonstrating how virtual-reality technology can be both an artistic medium to further immerse participants in live theater experiences and a storytelling medium.


EVL is designing and operating COMPaaS DLV as a Composable Platform as a Service Instrument for Deep Learning and Visualization with 17 faculty users from 5 departments. Its flexible 4th-generation composable infrastructure treats computer components - CPUs, GPUs, and storage - as pools of resources allocated on demand.

SAGE and SAGE2 and SAGE3

SAGE3 is the smart successor to SAGE2 which was the web-based successor to our SAGE graphics streaming architecture for supporting collaborative work with multiple visualization windows on large high-resolution tiled displays. Initially developed for our 100 megapixel LambdaVision display, it is now in use on over 200 walls around the world.


Articulate is a semi-automated visual analytic system that is guided by a conversational user interface to allow users to verbally describe and then manipulate what they want to see.

Effective Use of Large Visualization Displays

EVL has been working since 2002 investigating how groups can effectively use large displays for interactive visualization of complex datasets.


The new EVL continuum project continues on from our original Continuum work from 2000 and our Cyber-Commons work from 2008 to create a sensor and computation enhanced classroom and collaborative work space where the room is an active assistant in the work.


CAVE2 is evl's successor to our original CAVE from 1992, giving 10 times the resolution and increased brightness and contrast at half the cost using 72 thin border passive stereoscopic LCD panels and optical tracking.

Sci-Fi Fridays

In the fall of 2011 evl started showing classic science fiction films and TV series and their different visions of the future in the evl Cyber-Commons and discuss how views of the future, including modern ones, are influenced by current social and technological trends.