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Ph.D. Advisor for:

Current (6)

Mike Lewis

Arthur Nishimoto

Jillian Aurisano

Krishna Bharadwaj

Abeer Alsaiari

Andrew Burks

Past (13 since 1997)

Viktor Mateevitsi - '09 - '18
Supporting Navigation with a Torso Wearable Tactile Display - CTO at Spatial Canvas

Alessandro Febretti - '09 - '17
Multiview Immersion in Hybrid Reality Environments - Data Visualization Engineer at Citadel, LLC.

Thomas Marrinan - '10 - '15
Intensive Remote Collaboration using Scalable Visualizations in Heterogeneous Display Spaces - Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Sciences at University of St. Thomas

Hui Bui - '09 - '15
OPTIQ: A Data Movement Optimization Framework for Data-centric Applications on Supercomputers - Software Engineer at Microsoft

Hyejung Hur - '07 - '14
Effective Space Organization Design for Large High-resolution Environment - now working at LG

Sangyoon Lee - '06 - '13
Supervised Hybrid Expression Control Framework for a Lifelike Affective Avatar - Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Connecticut College

Ratko Jagodic - '05 - '11
Collaborative Interaction And Display Space Organization In Large High-Resolution Environments - Senior Interaction Designer at Mercedes-Benz R&D

Yu-Chung Chen - '05 - '11
Immersive Empathic Design for Interdisciplinary Collaborations - Software Engineer at Pixar Animation Studios

Alex Hill - '00 - '07
Withindows: A Framework for the Development of Unified Immersive and Workstation Interfaces - Chief Scientist at Merlin, Inc

Tom Peterka - '03 - '07
Dynallax: Dynamic Parallel Barrier Autostereoscopic Display - Computer Scientist, Mathematics and Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory

Jinghua Ge - '00 - '07
A Point-Based Remote Visualization Pipeline for Virtual Reality - Market Analyst at Citadel, LLC.

Kyoung Shin Park - '97 - '03
Enhancing Cooperative Work in Amplified Collaboration Environments - Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Computer Engineering, Dankook University, Korea

Craig Barnes - '94 - '01
Hyper-Programmed Agents for Virtual Environments - Principal Research Engineer at HERE

PhD Committee Member for:

Current (4)

Muhammad Lodhi
Data Mining of Sparse and High-dimensional datasets: A case study of Nursing EHR system

Timothy Luciani
Contextual Similarity Abstraction Techniques for Spatial Data Analysis

Sabita Acharya

Anthony Perritano

2018 (29 since 1997)

Chihua Ma
Visual Analysis Techniques for Spatial-Nonspatial, Dynamic, Multi-Scale and Multi-Run Biological Networks

Seyedkoosha Mirhosseini
Interaction and Rendering in Immersive Scientific Visualization (Stony Brook University)


Priscilla Jimenez
Engaging Emerging Professionals in Design: Devising Mobile Supports for Explainers at STEM Museums


Joey Shelley
Technology Scaffolds Supporting Compromise in a Multivariate Problem Space


Francesco Cafaro
Using Framed Guessability to Design Gesture Suites for Embodied Interaction

Alessandro Gnoli
Nutella: the Construction and Enactment of Simulated Macroworlds


Khairi Reda
Exploratory Visual Analysis in Large High-Resolution Display Environments

Tuan Dang
Interactive Visual Analysis of Images


Cynthia Lafond
Children's Pain: PICU Nurses' Beliefs and Responses to Virtual Human Vignettes (UIC College of Nursing)

Sungwon Nam
Multi-user Centered Resource Scheduling for Collaborative Display Wall Environments


Anushka Anand
Visual Pattern Detection in High-dimensional Spaces

Yiwen Sun
Articulate: Creating Meaningful Visualizations from Natural Language

Fei Dong
Automated Inference of Shilling Behavior in Online Auction Systems


Venkatram Vishwanath
LambdaRAM: A high-performance, multi-dimensional, distributed cache for data-intensive applications over high-speed networks

Byungil Jeong
Visualcasting - Scalable Real-Time Image Distribution in Ultra-High Resolution Display Environments


Robert Kooima
Planetary-scale Terrain Composition

Bei Jin
Visualization of Large Scale Confocal Data Using Computer Cluster


Youngho Lee
Development of a Personalized User Interface Framework for Seamless User Interaction in Ubiquitous Virtual Reality (School of Information and Mechatronics, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea)

Chong Zhang
OptiStore - A Data Management Middleware for Very Large Scale Data Visualization


Ding He
AR-PIN/PDC: Flexible Advance Reservation of Intradomain and Interdomain Lightpaths


Cemil Kirbas
Extraction of the Neurovascualr Scaffold in Multimodal Images


Javier Girado
Real-Time 3D Head Position Tracker System With Stereo Cameras Using a Face Recognition Neural Network


Yong-Joo Cho
A Layered Architecture Supporting the Collaborative Design of Virtual Environments for Science Inquiry

Karl Timm
Real-Time View Morphing of Video Streams


Nabil Dajani
3-D Finite-Difference Time-Domain Scattering and Computed Tomography in Microwave Medical imaging

Dave Pape
Ygdrasil: Composing Networked Vitual Environments


Paul Neumann
Virtual Reality Vitrectomy Simulator


Marek Czernuszenko
Modelling Three Dimensional Scenes from Video for Virtual Environments


Jason Leigh
CAVERN and a Unified Approach to Support Realtime Networking and Persistence in Teleimmersion

MS Advisor for:

Current (2)

Francesco Mantovani
Tommaso Massari

2018 (49 since 1998 - 20 thesis and 29 project)

Simone Amico
[t] ETNA: a Virtual Reality Game with Affective Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment based on Skin Conductance

Shi Yin
[p] Visualizing Religious Publics on Twitter in 2016


Tomasz Rybiarczyk
[p] TDFA: 3D Contents Exchange Files Viewer for SAGE2

Andrea Rottigni
[t] Serious Games for Virtual Rehabilitation in a Large Scale Virtual Reality Environment

Filippo Pellolio (co-advised with Liz Marai)
[t] SAGEBoard: a Whiteboard for Large Multitouch Displays

Davide Tantillo (co-advised with Liz Marai)
[t] Large Multi-Touch Vertical Displays in Multi-User Competitive Tasks


Krishna Bharadwaj
[t] Textual Annotations Tools for SAGE2


Galen Thomas-Ramos
[p] E-cigarette Survey Prompt Application for Android Mobile Devices

Arthur Nishimoto
[t] Multi-User Interface for Scalable Resolution Touch Walls

Jillian Aurisano
[t] Bacterial GeneNeighborhood Investigation Environment: A Scalable Genome Visualization for Big Displays

Giric Goyal
[p] Sound Utility Module for CAVE2(TM)

Sampath Vijayaragavan
[p] CAV-E-ARTH - A Hybrid Reality Earth Project


Giorgio Cavaggion
[t] Development of an Advanced Method for the Analysis of Topics and Events on Twitter and their Evolution


Rommel Bhargava
[p] A.R.Browser Augmented Reality Browser for Android Device

Ashwini Naik
[p] PANDEMONIUM - Balance 3D Maze Game for Android Device

Bo Li
[p] Development of the leader board and visualization system for game "The day the earth shook"

Arunan Rabindran
[p] LifeLike FSM Tool: A Tool to Design the Avatar Brain"


Kaushal Joshi
[p] Rainfall Runoff and Accumulation Nvidia PhysX SDK assisted simulation on the GPU

Amal Tiwari
[p] Jingles - Android based mobile application to compose music

Andrea Bonanno
[t] Analysis of Affective Reaction of Video Game Players


Shriram Iyer
[p] ENDURANCE Mission Planning GUI and Simulator and Data Visualization Post Processor

Kiran Kamineni
[p] A Content Integrity Service for DSpace - An Open Source Archiving System

Alessandro Febretti
[t] Evaluating the Flash Platform for Web-Based Collaborative Data Visualization


Vijay Krishnamoorthy
[p] Core Drive

Tae Jim Kim
[p] The real-time videowall for LASCO, EIT and SECCHI

Manisha Rajkumar
[p] SAGE Tile Configuration Tool


Arun Gurunathan
[p] Remote MPlayer Interface

Matteo Forfori
[t] Design of a Collaborative Three-Dimensional Storytelling Environment for Children (Politecnico di Milano)


Dure Abro
[p] ShreX: The XML Shredder

Mirko Tettamanti
[t] Three-Dimensional Virtual Classroom for Remote Learning and Training through a Web Interface (Politecnico di Milano)

Pierluigi Taddei
[t] Localizing 3D Straight Line from Single 2D Images (Politecnico di Milano)


Chris Scharver
[t] CrEdit: Tele-Immersive Cranial Implant Design in a Haptic Augmented Reality Environment


OmPrakash Muppirala
[p] Configurable Controls - Interface Builder

Rajvikram Singh
[t] TeraVision: A Distributed, Scalable, High-Resolution Graphics Streaming System

Atul Nayak
[t] Wiggleview: Visualizing Seismic Datasets using Modern Display Systems

Vikas Chowdhry
[p] SPACEGLIDER - Managing remote computers over TCP/IP networks using the concept of hierarchy of users and virtual rooms

Allan Spale
[p] Panels, Tools, and Views: A Framework for Visual Programming


Manjunath Sripadarao
[p] Simulation of Structured Deformable Objects in Virtual Reality

Michael Lewis
[p] TIDE2

Joe Insley
[p] GRAVy: Grid Realtime Resource and Application Visualization


Naveen Krishnaprasad
[t] a Unified and Collaborative Approach for Analyzing Networks

Bhavini Soneji
[p] 3DCeph2000


Arkadiusz Koziol
[p] Jcavern - Java network library and animation client

Nikita Sawant
[t] The Tele-Immersive Data Explorer (TIDE): A Distributed Architecture for Tele-Immersive Scientific Visualization

Ben Goldstein
[t] TANDEM: A component-based framework for interactive collaborative virtual reality

Abhinav Kapoor
[p] CAVE6D - A Tool for Distributed, Interactive, Immersive Visualization of Environmental Data


Tomoko Imai
[t] Virtual Mail

Mohammed DastaGir Ali
[p] CAVE-CAVERN Networking Library

Junna Cui
[p] Design and Implementation of Floor Control for CAVERNsoft

MS Committee Member for:


2018 (66 since 1997)

Manu Mathew Thomas
[t] Exploring Deep Learning Techniques for Real-Time Graphics


Giorgio Conte
[t] Visualizing the Intrinsic Geometry of Dynamic Human Brain Connectomes

Marco Cavallo
[t] Merging Worlds: A Location-based Approach to Mixed Reality


Francesco Paduano
[t] BranchingSets: A Visualization Technique for the Interactive Inspection of Biological Pathways

Amruta Nanavaty
[t] Visual Insight into An Ontology Alignment Task


Alexander Simes
[p] Sphere Tracing, Distance Fields, and Fractals

Anosh Mehdi
[p] BLUEWAVES: Social Application for Android Mobile Platform

Abhinaya Balasubramanian
[p] Patient Centric Summary Generation by integrating Discharge summaries and Nursing notes

Emily Taneva
[MS in Oral Science] 2D Evaluation of Palatal Rugae for Human Identification


Vaibhav Govilkar
[p] Immersive Visualization of Rail Simulation Data

Steven Conner
[p] The Design and Implementation of an Electronic Dose Counter

Meriya Susan Thomasr
[p] Visualizing Semantic Explanations in Ontology Alignment

Jeevan Joseph
[p] A Survey on Semantic Explanation of Ontology Matching

Brian Mykietka
[p] DefendAR: Developing an Augmented Reality Game for an Android Device


Daniele Donghi
[t] Porthole: A Decoupled HTML5 Interface Generator for Virtual Environoments

Syed Hassan
[p] Mapping of an object on a terrain and visualizing them on an augmented view of an Android tablet

Paul Grenning
[p] OpenGL Graphics Engine

Dennis Chau
[p] Transforming Dynallax into a Simultaneous 2D/3D Auto-Stereo Workstation

Brad McGinnis
[p] Updates and Extensions of the Dynallax Workstation


Ed Kahler
[p] Cli-Mate, an Interactive Multi-Touch Application for the Visualization of Climate Data

Vineet Singla
[p] 3d Modeling Tool


Joseph Ausmann
[p] TacTile Widgets


Tuan Nhon Dang
[t] Two-Dimensional Dot Plots

Khairi Reda
[t] SocioScape - Spatio-temporal Visual Analysis of Group Dynamics in Social Networks

Sakshi Agrawal
[p] EVL Driving Similar Project

Sujatha Nagarajan
[p] Customizing Dance Dance Revolution pad for Children with Wheelchair


Lukasz Smoron
[p] Apple Based Web Charting Component Using OpenGL API

Sarang Kapadia
[p] AgreementMaker - Enhancements and Research

Dmitri Svistula
[p] Rain Table: Scalable Architecture for Group Oriented Visualization of Real-Time Geoscience Phenomena

Chris Davies
[p] A Software Approach to Rigid Body Dynamics

Don Olmstead
[p] Shade: A Distributed Scene Graph

Jason Gorski
[p] Visual Presentation Services

Chi-Hwa Kim
[p] The study of multicast related system calls for applications making connections to multi multicast groups


Nicholas Schwarz
[t] Distributed Volume Rendering of Very Large Data on High-Resolution Scalable Displays

Umashankar Balasubramanian
[p] Test of Leibowitzs hypothesis using an adaptive up - down staircase method

Vijay Kolappan
[p] Test of Leibowitz's hypothesis using a simple up - down staircase method

Javier Iparraguirre
[t] Making Computing More Efficient Based on New Hardware Architectures

Cole Krumbholz
[t] The LambdaTable: a tiled display tabletop for group interaction with large, high-resolution visualizations

Javid Alimohideen
[p] Design and Implementation of SAGE Display Controller


Arun Rao
[t] CoreWall: A Methodology for Collaborative Visualization of Geological Cores

Michael Barron
[t] A System for Embedding Phenomenon in the Classroom: The Roombugs Architecture and Experience

Matteo Freddi
[t] Three Dimensional Model Reconstruction of a Human Body from a Cloud of Points for Tailoring Applications (Politecnico di Milano)

Riccardo Garofano
[t] Low Cost Reconstruction Techniques Applied to a Human Body for Tailoring Applications (Politecnico di Milano)


Vaidyasubramanian Chandrasekhar
[p] Pre-Surgical Cranial Implant Design with Octree based Virtual Sculpting and 3-D Registration using PARIS(tm) Prototypexs

Saleha Rizvi
[p] Design and Implementation of Corewall Session Database

Salil Kulkarni
[p] A System to Gather, Archive and Plot Performance Data from Applications in Cluster and Network Environment


Arpit Baldeva
[t] Interactive Graphic Composition of Scripts and Queries for Video Databases of Human Motion

Shalini Venkataraman
[p] Volume Rendering of Large Data for Scalable Displays Using Photonic Switching


Tom Peterka
[t] Scientific Visualization of n-Dimensional Attainable Regions


David Haas
[t] The Honeybee Dance: Classroom-Based Science Discovery in a Simulated Environment


Vivek Rajan
[t] A Realistic Video Avatar System for Networked Virtual Environments

Ivan Judson
[p] The MicroMural: A Six Projector Tiled Display


Chang Kwak
Comparison between expert heuristics and user perceptions of news web-site quality

Sateesh Subramanian
[t] View-Dependent Texture Mapping of Video for Realistic Avatars in Collaborative Virtual Environments

Bharath Chakravarthy
Efficient Transfer and Correlation of Data Using JPSockets


Youne-sang Lee
M-Net Light 3.0 Client Graphical User Interface Enhancement

Hiroshi Hayakawa
[p] Ether-Track: Ethernet based tracking system for the CAVE


Marwan Y. Ansari
Volume Rendering Using 3D Texturing and Shelling Methods

Matthew Szymanski
[t] Three Dimensional Design in the CAVE

Fang Wang
[p] Using Live Video to Represent Remote Users in Collaborative Virtual Environment


Swaminathan Narayanan
[t] Adapting the Virtual Reality Modeling Language for use in Immersive Environments

Kyoung Park
[t] Effects of Network Characteristics and Information Sharing on Human Performance

Michelle Afenya
[t] The Impact of Varying Feedback on the Performance of a Discrete Fitts Task in the CAVE

Robert Stevenson
[p] Connecting Virtual Reality To The World: Web-based Interface to the NICE Virtual Garden

Christina Vasilakis
[t] Combining Users' Task Models with a Domain Specific Window Manager to Assist Beamline Control

Kai Martin
[p] An Interactive Ocean Wave Model

MFA Committee Member for:

Arunan Rabindran - '10
The Scent of My Monsoon

Lindsay Grace - '09
Critical Gameplay

Joe Insley - '97
Waterlogged, Lucifer Lounge

Senior Design Faculty Advisor for:

Arkadiusz Koziol, Zdeno Sivak, En-Tao Feng - '97
Virtual Map of UIC