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Ph.D. Advisor for:

Current (2)

Sai Priya Jyothula '24
Supporting Metaphor Elicitation in Asymmetric Virtual Environments

Shreyas Kulkarni

Past (19 since 1997)

Ashwini Naik (Co-Advised with Bob Kenyon) '17 - '24
Multimodal Situated Analytics (MuSA) for Analyzing Conversations in Extended Reality - Computational Scientist, at the Research Computing Center, University of Chicago

Arthur Nishimoto - '14 - '23
Collaborative Augmented Reality for Virtual Reality Display Wall Environments Principal Software Engineer at Northrop Grumman

Abeer Alsaiari - '15 - '21
Supporting Collaborative Exploratory Visual Data Analysis in Multi-device Environment, Lecturer at Taibah University

Krishna Bharadwaj - '16 - '21
Hybrid Collaborative Virtual Environments, Senior Software Engineer at Walmart

Jillian Aurisano - '14 - '21
Interaction with Multiple Data Visualizations Through Natural Language Commands - Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Cincinnati

Mike Lewis - '09 - '18
A Distributed Graph Approach For Retrieving Linked RDF Data Using Supercomputer Systems - Assistant Professor of Computer and Mathematical Sciences, Lewis University

Victor Mateevitsi - '09 - '18
Supporting Navigation with a Torso Wearable Tactile Display - Computer Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory

Alessandro Febretti - '09 - '17
Multiview Immersion in Hybrid Reality Environments - Data Visualization Engineer at Citadel, LLC.

Thomas Marrinan - '10 - '15
Intensive Remote Collaboration using Scalable Visualizations in Heterogeneous Display Spaces - Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Sciences at University of St. Thomas

Hui Bui - '09 - '15
OPTIQ: A Data Movement Optimization Framework for Data-centric Applications on Supercomputers - Software Engineer at Amazon

Hyejung Hur - '07 - '14
Effective Space Organization Design for Large High-resolution Environment - LG

Sangyoon Lee - '06 - '13
Supervised Hybrid Expression Control Framework for a Lifelike Affective Avatar - Associate Professor of Computer Science at Connecticut College

Ratko Jagodic - '05 - '11
Collaborative Interaction And Display Space Organization In Large High-Resolution Environments, CTO at Hot Dark Matter

Yu-Chung Chen - '05 - '11
Immersive Empathic Design for Interdisciplinary Collaborations - Software Engineer at Pixar Animation Studios

Alex Hill - '00 - '07
Withindows: A Framework for the Development of Unified Immersive and Workstation Interfaces - Principal Innovation Engineer, PTC

Tom Peterka - '03 - '07
Dynallax: Dynamic Parallel Barrier Autostereoscopic Display - Computer Scientist, Mathematics and Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory

Jinghua Ge - '00 - '07
A Point-Based Remote Visualization Pipeline for Virtual Reality - Market Analyst at Citadel, LLC.

Kyoung Shin Park - '97 - '03
Enhancing Cooperative Work in Amplified Collaboration Environments - Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Computer Engineering, Dankook University, Korea

Craig Barnes - '94 - '01
Hyper-Programmed Agents for Virtual Environments - Visualization Manager, Center for Translational Data Science

PhD Committee Member for:


Abari Bhattacharya

2023 (37 since 1997)

Juan Trelles Trabucco
Integrating Image Features to Support the Biocuration Workflow


Abhinav Kumar
Towards a Natural Language Interface for Exploring Data Visualization


Aditi Mallavarapu
Formative fugues: Conceptualizing Data-Driven Formative Feedback for Open-Ended Learning Environments


Timothy Luciani
Problem-Driven Design Strategies for Scientific Data Visualization

Sabita Acharya
Generating Personalized Hospital-stay Summaries for Patients

Anthony Perritano
Knowledge Places: Embedding Knowledge in the Space of the Classroom

Haoyu Wang
Depth-constrained Feature-based Stitching System for Stereoscopic Panoramic Video Generation


Chihua Ma
Visual Analysis Techniques for Spatial-Nonspatial, Dynamic, Multi-Scale and Multi-Run Biological Networks

Seyedkoosha Mirhosseini
Interaction and Rendering in Immersive Scientific Visualization (Stony Brook University)


Muhammad Lodhi
Data Mining of Sparse and High-dimensional datasets: A case study of Nursing EHR system

Priscilla Jimenez
Engaging Emerging Professionals in Design: Devising Mobile Supports for Explainers at STEM Museums


Joey Shelley
Technology Scaffolds Supporting Compromise in a Multivariate Problem Space


Francesco Cafaro
Using Framed Guessability to Design Gesture Suites for Embodied Interaction

Alessandro Gnoli
Nutella: the Construction and Enactment of Simulated Macroworlds


Khairi Reda
Exploratory Visual Analysis in Large High-Resolution Display Environments

Tuan Dang
Interactive Visual Analysis of Images


Cynthia Lafond
Children's Pain: PICU Nurses' Beliefs and Responses to Virtual Human Vignettes (UIC College of Nursing)

Sungwon Nam
Multi-user Centered Resource Scheduling for Collaborative Display Wall Environments


Anushka Anand
Visual Pattern Detection in High-dimensional Spaces

Yiwen Sun
Articulate: Creating Meaningful Visualizations from Natural Language

Fei Dong
Automated Inference of Shilling Behavior in Online Auction Systems


Venkatram Vishwanath
LambdaRAM: A high-performance, multi-dimensional, distributed cache for data-intensive applications over high-speed networks

Byungil Jeong
Visualcasting - Scalable Real-Time Image Distribution in Ultra-High Resolution Display Environments


Robert Kooima
Planetary-scale Terrain Composition

Bei Jin
Visualization of Large Scale Confocal Data Using Computer Cluster


Youngho Lee
Development of a Personalized User Interface Framework for Seamless User Interaction in Ubiquitous Virtual Reality (School of Information and Mechatronics, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea)

Chong Zhang
OptiStore - A Data Management Middleware for Very Large Scale Data Visualization


Ding He
AR-PIN/PDC: Flexible Advance Reservation of Intradomain and Interdomain Lightpaths


Cemil Kirbas
Extraction of the Neurovascualr Scaffold in Multimodal Images


Javier Girado
Real-Time 3D Head Position Tracker System With Stereo Cameras Using a Face Recognition Neural Network


Yong-Joo Cho
A Layered Architecture Supporting the Collaborative Design of Virtual Environments for Science Inquiry

Karl Timm
Real-Time View Morphing of Video Streams


Nabil Dajani
3-D Finite-Difference Time-Domain Scattering and Computed Tomography in Microwave Medical imaging

Dave Pape
Ygdrasil: Composing Networked Vitual Environments


Paul Neumann
Virtual Reality Vitrectomy Simulator


Marek Czernuszenko
Modelling Three Dimensional Scenes from Video for Virtual Environments


Jason Leigh
CAVERN and a Unified Approach to Support Realtime Networking and Persistence in Teleimmersion

MS Advisor for:

2018 (50 since 1998 - 22 thesis and 28 project)

Francesco Mantovani
[t] Passive Haptic Feedback for Object Manipulation in Virtual Reality

Tommaso Massari
[t] Collaborative Project Planning Using Large Format Displays

Simone Amico
[t] ETNA: a Virtual Reality Game with Affective Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment based on Skin Conductance

Shi Yin
[p] Visualizing Religious Publics on Twitter in 2016


Tomasz Rybiarczyk
[p] TDFA: 3D Contents Exchange Files Viewer for SAGE2

Andrea Rottigni
[t] Serious Games for Virtual Rehabilitation in a Large Scale Virtual Reality Environment

Filippo Pellolio (co-advised with Liz Marai)
[t] SAGEBoard: a Whiteboard for Large Multitouch Displays

Davide Tantillo (co-advised with Liz Marai)
[t] Large Multi-Touch Vertical Displays in Multi-User Competitive Tasks


Krishna Bharadwaj
[t] Textual Annotations Tools for SAGE2


Galen Thomas-Ramos
[p] E-cigarette Survey Prompt Application for Android Mobile Devices

Arthur Nishimoto
[t] Multi-User Interface for Scalable Resolution Touch Walls

Jillian Aurisano
[t] Bacterial GeneNeighborhood Investigation Environment: A Scalable Genome Visualization for Big Displays

Giric Goyal
[p] Sound Utility Module for CAVE2(TM)

Sampath Vijayaragavan
[p] CAV-E-ARTH - A Hybrid Reality Earth Project


Giorgio Cavaggion
[t] Development of an Advanced Method for the Analysis of Topics and Events on Twitter and their Evolution


Rommel Bhargava
[p] A.R.Browser Augmented Reality Browser for Android Device

Ashwini Naik
[p] PANDEMONIUM - Balance 3D Maze Game for Android Device

Bo Li
[p] Development of the leader board and visualization system for game "The day the earth shook"

Arunan Rabindran
[p] LifeLike FSM Tool: A Tool to Design the Avatar Brain"


Kaushal Joshi
[p] Rainfall Runoff and Accumulation Nvidia PhysX SDK assisted simulation on the GPU

Amal Tiwari
[p] Jingles - Android based mobile application to compose music

Andrea Bonanno
[t] Analysis of Affective Reaction of Video Game Players


Shriram Iyer
[p] ENDURANCE Mission Planning GUI and Simulator and Data Visualization Post Processor

Kiran Kamineni
[p] A Content Integrity Service for DSpace - An Open Source Archiving System

Alessandro Febretti
[t] Evaluating the Flash Platform for Web-Based Collaborative Data Visualization


Vijay Krishnamoorthy
[p] Core Drive

Tae Jim Kim
[p] The real-time videowall for LASCO, EIT and SECCHI

Manisha Rajkumar
[p] SAGE Tile Configuration Tool


Arun Gurunathan
[p] Remote MPlayer Interface

Matteo Forfori
[t] Design of a Collaborative Three-Dimensional Storytelling Environment for Children (Politecnico di Milano)


Dure Abro
[p] ShreX: The XML Shredder

Mirko Tettamanti
[t] Three-Dimensional Virtual Classroom for Remote Learning and Training through a Web Interface (Politecnico di Milano)

Pierluigi Taddei
[t] Localizing 3D Straight Line from Single 2D Images (Politecnico di Milano)


Chris Scharver
[t] CrEdit: Tele-Immersive Cranial Implant Design in a Haptic Augmented Reality Environment


OmPrakash Muppirala
[p] Configurable Controls - Interface Builder

Rajvikram Singh
[t] TeraVision: A Distributed, Scalable, High-Resolution Graphics Streaming System

Atul Nayak
[t] Wiggleview: Visualizing Seismic Datasets using Modern Display Systems

Vikas Chowdhry
[p] SPACEGLIDER - Managing remote computers over TCP/IP networks using the concept of hierarchy of users and virtual rooms

Allan Spale
[p] Panels, Tools, and Views: A Framework for Visual Programming


Manjunath Sripadarao
[p] Simulation of Structured Deformable Objects in Virtual Reality

Michael Lewis
[p] TIDE2

Joe Insley
[p] GRAVy: Grid Realtime Resource and Application Visualization


Naveen Krishnaprasad
[t] a Unified and Collaborative Approach for Analyzing Networks

Bhavini Soneji
[p] 3DCeph2000


Arkadiusz Koziol
[p] Jcavern - Java network library and animation client

Nikita Sawant
[t] The Tele-Immersive Data Explorer (TIDE): A Distributed Architecture for Tele-Immersive Scientific Visualization

Ben Goldstein
[t] TANDEM: A component-based framework for interactive collaborative virtual reality

Abhinav Kapoor
[p] CAVE6D - A Tool for Distributed, Interactive, Immersive Visualization of Environmental Data


Tomoko Imai
[t] Virtual Mail

Mohammed DastaGir Ali
[p] CAVE-CAVERN Networking Library

Junna Cui
[p] Design and Implementation of Floor Control for CAVERNsoft

MS Committee Member for:

2024 (74 since 1997)

Farah Kamleh
[p] The Effects of Virtual Reality Environments on Physiological Stress: A Platform Comparison Between room-Scale Displays and Desktop Computers


Veronica Grosso
[t] The Impact of Robot Co-Location on Student Learning when Reasoning about Geometry Conjectures with a Robot


Daniela Di Canio
[t] The impact of robot gestures on student reasoning about geometrical conjectures


Andrew Wentzel
[p] Cohort-based T-SSIM Visual Computing for Radiation Therapy Prediction and Exploration

Mirko Mantovani
[t] Analysis of Visual Encodings Effectiveness for Multivariate Data Similarity Identification

Jaspreet Kaur Sohal
[p] Englewood Data Analytics Visualization Tool for Assessing Englewood's Data

Shubadra Govindan
[p] Visualizing UMLS Metathesaurus


Peter Hanula
[p] CAMP - RT A Patient Similarity-Based Method for Predicting Radiation Dosage in Head and Neck Radiation Oncology

Manu Mathew Thomas
[t] Exploring Deep Learning Techniques for Real-Time Graphics


Giorgio Conte
[t] Visualizing the Intrinsic Geometry of Dynamic Human Brain Connectomes

Marco Cavallo
[t] Merging Worlds: A Location-based Approach to Mixed Reality


Francesco Paduano
[t] BranchingSets: A Visualization Technique for the Interactive Inspection of Biological Pathways

Amruta Nanavaty
[t] Visual Insight into An Ontology Alignment Task


Alexander Simes
[p] Sphere Tracing, Distance Fields, and Fractals

Anosh Mehdi
[p] BLUEWAVES: Social Application for Android Mobile Platform

Abhinaya Balasubramanian
[p] Patient Centric Summary Generation by integrating Discharge summaries and Nursing notes

Emily Taneva
[MS in Oral Science] 2D Evaluation of Palatal Rugae for Human Identification


Vaibhav Govilkar
[p] Immersive Visualization of Rail Simulation Data

Steven Conner
[p] The Design and Implementation of an Electronic Dose Counter

Meriya Susan Thomasr
[p] Visualizing Semantic Explanations in Ontology Alignment

Jeevan Joseph
[p] A Survey on Semantic Explanation of Ontology Matching

Brian Mykietka
[p] DefendAR: Developing an Augmented Reality Game for an Android Device


Daniele Donghi
[t] Porthole: A Decoupled HTML5 Interface Generator for Virtual Environoments

Syed Hassan
[p] Mapping of an object on a terrain and visualizing them on an augmented view of an Android tablet

Paul Grenning
[p] OpenGL Graphics Engine

Dennis Chau
[p] Transforming Dynallax into a Simultaneous 2D/3D Auto-Stereo Workstation

Brad McGinnis
[p] Updates and Extensions of the Dynallax Workstation


Ed Kahler
[p] Cli-Mate, an Interactive Multi-Touch Application for the Visualization of Climate Data

Vineet Singla
[p] 3d Modeling Tool


Joseph Ausmann
[p] TacTile Widgets


Tuan Nhon Dang
[t] Two-Dimensional Dot Plots

Khairi Reda
[t] SocioScape - Spatio-temporal Visual Analysis of Group Dynamics in Social Networks

Sakshi Agrawal
[p] EVL Driving Similar Project

Sujatha Nagarajan
[p] Customizing Dance Dance Revolution pad for Children with Wheelchair


Lukasz Smoron
[p] Apple Based Web Charting Component Using OpenGL API

Sarang Kapadia
[p] AgreementMaker - Enhancements and Research

Dmitri Svistula
[p] Rain Table: Scalable Architecture for Group Oriented Visualization of Real-Time Geoscience Phenomena

Chris Davies
[p] A Software Approach to Rigid Body Dynamics

Don Olmstead
[p] Shade: A Distributed Scene Graph

Jason Gorski
[p] Visual Presentation Services

Chi-Hwa Kim
[p] The study of multicast related system calls for applications making connections to multi multicast groups


Nicholas Schwarz
[t] Distributed Volume Rendering of Very Large Data on High-Resolution Scalable Displays

Umashankar Balasubramanian
[p] Test of Leibowitzs hypothesis using an adaptive up - down staircase method

Vijay Kolappan
[p] Test of Leibowitz's hypothesis using a simple up - down staircase method

Javier Iparraguirre
[t] Making Computing More Efficient Based on New Hardware Architectures

Cole Krumbholz
[t] The LambdaTable: a tiled display tabletop for group interaction with large, high-resolution visualizations

Javid Alimohideen
[p] Design and Implementation of SAGE Display Controller


Arun Rao
[t] CoreWall: A Methodology for Collaborative Visualization of Geological Cores

Michael Barron
[t] A System for Embedding Phenomenon in the Classroom: The Roombugs Architecture and Experience

Matteo Freddi
[t] Three Dimensional Model Reconstruction of a Human Body from a Cloud of Points for Tailoring Applications (Politecnico di Milano)

Riccardo Garofano
[t] Low Cost Reconstruction Techniques Applied to a Human Body for Tailoring Applications (Politecnico di Milano)


Vaidyasubramanian Chandrasekhar
[p] Pre-Surgical Cranial Implant Design with Octree based Virtual Sculpting and 3-D Registration using PARIS(tm) Prototypexs

Saleha Rizvi
[p] Design and Implementation of Corewall Session Database

Salil Kulkarni
[p] A System to Gather, Archive and Plot Performance Data from Applications in Cluster and Network Environment


Arpit Baldeva
[t] Interactive Graphic Composition of Scripts and Queries for Video Databases of Human Motion

Shalini Venkataraman
[p] Volume Rendering of Large Data for Scalable Displays Using Photonic Switching


Tom Peterka
[t] Scientific Visualization of n-Dimensional Attainable Regions


David Haas
[t] The Honeybee Dance: Classroom-Based Science Discovery in a Simulated Environment


Vivek Rajan
[t] A Realistic Video Avatar System for Networked Virtual Environments

Ivan Judson
[p] The MicroMural: A Six Projector Tiled Display


Chang Kwak
Comparison between expert heuristics and user perceptions of news web-site quality

Sateesh Subramanian
[t] View-Dependent Texture Mapping of Video for Realistic Avatars in Collaborative Virtual Environments

Bharath Chakravarthy
Efficient Transfer and Correlation of Data Using JPSockets


Youne-sang Lee
M-Net Light 3.0 Client Graphical User Interface Enhancement

Hiroshi Hayakawa
[p] Ether-Track: Ethernet based tracking system for the CAVE


Marwan Y. Ansari
Volume Rendering Using 3D Texturing and Shelling Methods

Matthew Szymanski
[t] Three Dimensional Design in the CAVE

Fang Wang
[p] Using Live Video to Represent Remote Users in Collaborative Virtual Environment


Swaminathan Narayanan
[t] Adapting the Virtual Reality Modeling Language for use in Immersive Environments

Kyoung Park
[t] Effects of Network Characteristics and Information Sharing on Human Performance

Michelle Afenya
[t] The Impact of Varying Feedback on the Performance of a Discrete Fitts Task in the CAVE

Robert Stevenson
[p] Connecting Virtual Reality To The World: Web-based Interface to the NICE Virtual Garden

Christina Vasilakis
[t] Combining Users' Task Models with a Domain Specific Window Manager to Assist Beamline Control

Kai Martin
[p] An Interactive Ocean Wave Model

MFA Committee Member for:

Arunan Rabindran - '10
The Scent of My Monsoon

Lindsay Grace - '09
Critical Gameplay

Joe Insley - '97
Waterlogged, Lucifer Lounge

Senior Design Faculty Advisor for:

Arkadiusz Koziol, Zdeno Sivak, En-Tao Feng - '97
Virtual Map of UIC


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