Current Grants


Collaborative Research: CSSI Frameworks: SAGE3: Smart Amplified Group Environment for Harnessing the Data Revolution, National Science Foundation (OAC 2003800), $2,282,000, 5/15/20 - 4/30/25, Andrew Johnson, Luc Renambot, Maxine Brown

CHS: Small: Collaborative Research: Articulate+ - A Conversational Interface for Democratizing Visual Analysis, National Science Foundation (IIS 2007257), $333,000, 10/1/20 - 9/30/23, Andrew Johnson, Barbara Di Eugenio, Moira Zellner

MRI: Acquisition of a Composable Platform as a Service Instrument for Deep Learning & Visualization (COMPaaS DLV), National Science Foundation (CNS 1828265), $997,363, 10/1/18 - 9/30/22, Maxine Brown, Andrew Johnson, Robert Kenyon, Liz Marai

Transforming Storytelling: a Novel Tele-immersive Performance Merging Live Theater and Multi-user Virtual Reality, National Endowment for the Arts, $20,000, 6/1/21 - 5/31/23, Daria Tsoupikova, Andrew Johnson, Jo Cattell, Arthur Nishimoto, Lance Long

Machine learning and extended-reality for fast user-wearable robot co-adaptation, Chung-Ang University, $71,978, 5/1/21 - 4/30/22, Myunghee Kim, Andrew Johnson

Training Program in the Biology and Translational Research on Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias, National Institutes of Health (National Institute on Aging), $1,152,998, 9/15/17 - 8/31/22, Orly Lazarov, Ernesto Bongarzone, Scott Brady, Douglas Feinstein, Jacob Haus, Andrew Johnson, Mary Ladu, James Lee, Jie Liang, Gregory Thatcher, Xincheng Yao

Prior Grants

Visualization and Interaction

SI2-SSI: SAGEnext: Next Generation Integrated Persistent Visualization and Collaboration Services for Global Cyber Infrastructure, National Science Foundation (ACI 1441963), $5,574,991, 10/1/13 - 9/30/21, Jason Leigh, Maxine Brown, Luc Renambot, Andrew Johnson, Lance Long.

Research and Development in Visualization, Analysis and Scalable System Software, Argonne National Laboratory, $313,364, 10/10/14 - 5/14/20, Andrew Johnson

National University Rail (NURail) Center: Tier 1 University Transportation Center (UIC sub award from UIUC) continuation, US Department of Transportation, $156,356, 10/1/13 - 9/30/18, Ahmed Shabana, Craig Foster, Ouri Wolfson, Mohsen Issa, Andrew Johnson

Sub-ice Investigation of Marine and PLanetary-analog Ecosystems, NASA (NNX14AC01G), $4,724,192 (UIC $300,309), 7/25/12 - 1/8/18, Britney Schmidt, William Stone, Peter Doran, Andrew Johnson, Stacy Kim, Mark Skidmore, Nathan Bramall, Frank Rack

EAGER: Collaborative Research: Articulate: Augmenting Data Visualization With Natural Language Interaction, National Science Foundation (IIS 1445751), $300,000 (UIC $253,521), 8/15/14 - 7/31/17, Barbara DiEugenio, Andrew Johnson, Leland Wilkinson, in collaboration with Jason Leigh.

Describing, Contrasting, and Visualizing End-of-Life Care in the 21st Century, National Institute of Nursing Research, $2,069,041, 9/9/11 - 6/30/15, Gail Keenan, Diana Wilke, Yingwei Yao, Andrew Johnson, Rashid Ansari, Ashfaq Khokhar

Modernization Directorate: Research, Analysis, and Databasing of Emerging High Power Directed Energy Technologies, Air Force Surgeon General Office #FA7014-09-2-0003 - T4T, $510,121 of $12,081,177, 9/30/09 - 5/31/15, Michael Colvard, James Radosevich, Benjamin Vesper, Carlotta Evans, Luke Hanley, Brian Murphy, Jason Leigh, Andrew Johnson

CI-TEAM Demonstration Project: Enhancing Stakeholder Participation in Environmental Planning with Visualization Tools that Support Complex Systems Learning and Spatial Thinking, National Science Foundation (OCI-1135572), $265,953, 8/1/11 - 8/31/15, Moira Zellner, Andrew Johnson, Leilah Lyons, Charles Hoch, Josh Radinsky

STCI: OptIPlanet Cyber-Mashup: Persistent Visualization and Collaboration Services for Global Cyber Infrastructure, National Science Foundation (OCI-0943559), $1,933,337, 9/1/09 - 8/31/13, Jason Leigh, Andrew Johnson, Maxine Brown, Luc Renambot

Collaborative Research: Toward Lifelike Computer Interfaces that Learn, National Science Foundation (CNS-0703927), $1,262,315 (UIC $569,872), 1/1/07 - 1/31/12, Jason Leigh, Andrew Johnson, Luc Renambot, Steve Jones, Tom DeFanti, in collaboration with Avelino Gonzalez, Ron DeMara

Future Earth Initiative, National Science Foundation (DRL-0741760), $2,999,477 (UIC: $205,943), 4/1/09 - 12/31/11 Patrick Hamilton, Paul Morin, Jason Leigh, Andrew Johnson, Luc Renambot

Center for End-of-Life Transition Research (CEoLTR) supplement, National Institute of Nursing Research, $399,753, 9/18/09 - 9/29/11, Diana Wilke, Andrew Johnson, Rashid Ansari, Ashfaq Khokhar, Yingwei Yao

Environmentally Non-disturbing Under-ice Robotic Antarctic Explorer (ENDURANCE), NASA (NNX07AM88G), $2,140,519 (UIC: $462,570), 5/1/07 - 6/14/11, Peter Doran, Andrew Johnson, William Stone, Bin Chen, Chris McKay, John Priscu

Collaborative Research: CoreWall - Integrated Environment for Interpretation of Geoscientific Data from Sediment and Crystalline Cores, National Science Foundation (OCE-0602117), $461,663 3/1/06 - 2/28/09, Jason Leigh, Andrew Johnson, Luc Renambot

Visualization Techniques for Supporting Rapid Decision Making Involving Large Scale Data (TRECC), Office of Naval Research/NCSA, $328,756 3/03-2/04, $138,054 3/04-2/05, $243,532 3/05-2/06, $193,916 3/06-2/07, $172,935 3/07-2/08, $150,000 3/08-2/09, Jason Leigh, Andrew Johnson, Tom DeFanti, Luc Renambot,

ITR Collaborative Research: The GeoWall - Stereo Visualization for the Earth Sciences, National Science Foundation (EAR-0218918), $282,541, 9/15/02 - 9/14/06, Andrew Johnson

Collaborative Research: A GIS Database for Studying and Visualizing Tethyan Plate Collisions, National Science Foundation (EAR-0238416), $108,630, 10/1/03 - 9/30/05 Martin Flower, Andrew Johnson

CISE Research Infrastructure: CAVERN: the CAVE Research Network, National Science Foundation (CNS-9802090), $2,112,000, 9/1/98 - 8/31/04 Tom DeFanti, Pat Banerjee, Maxine Brown, Ugo Buy, Rhonda Drayton, Robert Grossman, Andrew Johnson, Robert Kenyon, Tom Moher, Francis Quek, Nong Ye

Corridor One: an Integrated Distance Visualization Environment for SSI And ASCI Applications, Department Of Energy, $399,115, 7/01/99 - 7/15/01, Jason Leigh, Andrew Johnson, Tom DeFanti

Center for Integrated MicroSystems, UIC OVCR Research Program/Center Seed Grant Program, $100,000, 10/1/98 - 9/30/99, Krishna Shenai, Ishwar Puri, Andrew Johnson


Learning / Education / Outreach

Transforming Storytelling: Multi-User Virtual Reality Theater for Collaborative Tele-Immersive Exploration, State of Illinois, $150,000, 1/24/19 - 12/31/21, Daria Tsoupikova, Andrew Johnson, Jo Cattell, Arthur Nishimoto, Lance Long

Human Augmentics for Sustained Wellness, University of Illinois at Chicago Center for Clinical and Translational Science, $30,000, 2/1/12 - 4/30/14, Jason Leigh, Steve Jones, Robert Kenyon, Stellan Ohlsson, Giselle Mosnaim, Robin Mermelstein, James Rimmer, Andrew Johnson, Eulalia Puig Abril

REU support from Illinois Space Grant Consortium, NASA, $20,315, 6/2/06 - 2/28/11, Andrew Johnson

Disaster Preparedness Training - An online gaming demonstration for scenario-based training of middle school aged children, State of Illinois, $706,456 (UIC: $152,710), 5/15/09 - 4/30/10, Tom Prudhomme, Jason Leigh, Andrew Johnson, in collaboration with Patricia Rushing, Guy Garnett

NCLT: A Center to Develop Nanoscale Science and Engineering Educators with Leadership Capabilities, National Science Foundation (DRL-0426328), $15,988,084 (UIC: $1,075,000) 10/1/04 - 9/30/09, Thomas Moher, Andrew Johnson, Jim Pellegrino, Carmen Lilley

ITR Learning-Centered Design Methodology: Meeting the Nation's Need for Computational Tools for K-12 Science Education, National Science Foundation, $3,179,998 (UIC: 334,996) from 9/1/00 - 8/31/04, Elliot Soloway, Andrew Johnson (PI of UIC subcontract), Danny Edelson, Mark Guzdial, Joe Krazjik

Prior Knowledge, Analogical Transfer and Multiple Perspectives in Child Learning, National Science Foundation (BCS-9907839), $133,942, 9/1/99 - 8/31/01, Stellan Ohlsson, Andrew Johnson, Thomas Moher

REU Supplement to STAR TAP 2, National Science Foundation, $30,000 from 5/01/99 - 4/30/01, Tom DeFanti, Andrew Johnson

Deep Learning and Visualization Technologies, National Science Foundation (EIA-9720351), $250,001, 10/1/97-9/31/00, Tom DeFanti, Andrew Johnson, Tom Moher, Stellan Ohlsson


Systems Development

MRI - Development of Continuum: A Virtualized Attentive Environment for Amplified Collaboration, National Science Foundation (CNS 1625941), $582,001, 10/1/16 - 9/30/20, Andrew Johnson, Maxine Brown, Robert Kenyon, Liz Marai, Debaleena Chattopadhyay

Development of the Sensor Environment Imaging (SENSEI) Instrument, National Science Foundation (CNS 1456638), $3,547,999, 10/1/14 - 9/30/19, Maxine Brown, Andrew Johnson, Robert Kenyon, Tanya Berger-Wolf, in collaboration with Jason Leigh, Truong Nguyen, Jules Jaffe, Francois Modave.

MRI-R2: Development of the Next-Generation CAVE Virtual Environment (NG-CAVE), National Science Foundation (CNS-0959053), $701,815, 5/01/10 - 4/30/13, Andrew Johnson, Jason Leigh, Tom Peterka, Maxine Brown

MRI: Development of OmegaTable and OmegaDesk - Instruments for Interactive Visual Data Exploration and Collaboration, National Science Foundation (CNS-0821121), $466,000, 9/1/08 - 8/31/13, Jason Leigh, Andrew Johnson, Luc Renambot, Maxine Brown

MRI: Development of Instrumentation for Lambda Vision, National Science Foundation (CNS-0420477), $395,726 9/15/04 - 8/31/09, Jason Leigh, Andrew Johnson, Luc Renambot, Tom DeFanti, Tom Moher

Instrumentation Development for Human-Centered Tele-Immersion, National Science Foundation (EIA-9871058), $770,000 from 9/1/98 - 8/31/01, Tom DeFanti, Dan Sandin, Greg Dawe, Maggie Rawlings, Andrew Johnson



STI: Starlight: Strategic Technologies for Internet Discovery and Development, National Science Foundation (ACI-0229642), $1,512,000 11/01/02 - 10/31/05, Tom DeFanti, Maxine Brown, Jason Leigh, Oliver Yu, Andrew Johnson (senior personnel)

EuroLink: High Performance International Internet Services between Research and Educational Institutions in the United States and Europe / Israel, National Science Foundation (ACI-9730202), $12,069,564 from 4/01/99 - 5/31/06, Tom DeFanti, Maxine Brown, Jason Leigh, Andrew Johnson, Daniel Sandin

EMERGE: ESnet / MREN Regional Grid Experimental NGI Testbed, Department of Energy, $1,457,160 from 8/01/99 - 7/31/02, Tom DeFanti, Oliver Yu, Maxine Brown, Andrew Johnson, Jason Leigh