January 1st, 1999 - February 1st, 2000

Categories: VR Art


“Uzume” is named after a Japanese Shinto goddess and means “whirling”. The story of Uzume tells of a dance with which she lured the sun goddess Amaterasu out of the cave where she had hidden herself. The installation “Uzume” lures the visitor to immerse in an abstract strange world that dynamically changes and whirls, provoking the immersant to explore the language of its gestures.

“Uzume”’s dynamic presence evolves in a pure sequence of difference, figuratively describing the exclusive moment and its transition. The environment is permanently floating, reconfiguring, responding sensitively to every movement of its visitor and thus performing an individual characteristic dance. Its memory, velocity and transformations form a characteristic shape of motion reflecting the curiosity and playfulness of its opposite.

The artistic interpretation questions traditional models of representation and perception. “Uzume” resists its explanation and challenges her opponents to shape a fragile dynamic relation with “the other”.

  • Hardware: SGI multipipe Onyx workstation
  • Projection system: 1 wall up to 6 wall CAVE™
  • Software: Operating system: IRIX 6.5.x; Fraunhofer IAO Virtual Reality System Lightning Renderer based on IRIS Performer 2.2/2.3