New Print Publication by EVL’s Franz Fischnaller

July 1st, 2004 - October 1st, 2006

Categories: Applications, Devices, Multimedia, Networking, Tele-Immersion, Visualization, VR Art


Company: F.A.B.R.I.CATORS

Book Description
It is a particular revolutionary moment. We are living a sort of Post-Realistic Age, an age in which communication systems and mediums are shifting in radical ways, stimulating new forms of perceiving, informing, communicating, reacting, sharing, thinking, creating, existing, and co-existing in an environment where the intangible takes form and the conception of matter vanishes. The possibilities of experiencing the intangible are increasing. The relationship between space-time-body and the parameters that define the relationship between the artwork, and the psyche of the author and of the people, have changed.

A new type of imagination and art making are becoming possible. New artistic languages are forming through the revolutionizing of composition, the treatment of the image, the concept of perspective and the fields of perception.

The fragmentation of traditional art systems has lead to diverse pathways, new acts of creation and experimental thinking. Our Age has been transformed by the arrival of the electronic revolution and we are part of this revolution. Instead of fearing run-away-technology will create a collective amnesia or exterminate and substitute one art for another or one way of life for another, we should all be part of the stream? To learn in order to evolve, not learn in order to emulate. To think in a more abstract and interpretative way, more essential, less photo-realistic and less linear.

In this book Art, creativity and the net assume cohesive roles as vital elements and interdisciplinary realities inherent to Art and our society.

Art… Net… Technology… Society… discusses an art, based on the integration of networking, telecommunications, tele-presence, biogenetics, robotics, virtual reality, electronics, digital media, new kinds of human-networking interfaces, interactivity, e-democracy, ecology, information and post-realistic experiences. Within its wider framework, e-art can be understood as an open-art-notebook, emphasizing ART as a proactive tool and a behavioral new media rather than ART as a scholastic-winner-tech subject. It also investigates the primacy of intangibility in many new art forms and the different paths toward creativity, interactivity, e-democracy, ecology, information, and post-realistic experiences.

E-Art brings together thirty-five eclectic authors of diverse provenance and specialties: theoreticians, writers, artists, students, journalists, producers, poets, gurus and visionaries who operate in the scientific, electronic, artistic, cultural, ecological, industrial, social and political ambit like: Mauro Annunziato, Kapil Arora, Annette Barbier, Mary Ann Breeze, Maxine Brown, Drew Browning, Pier Luigi Capucci, Tomas DeFanti, Sara Diamond, Steve Dietz, Manuel Gallardo, Petra Gemeinboeck, Eduardo Kac, Jaron Lanier, Jason Leigh, Golan Levin, Brenda Lopez, Bernhard Loesch, Ya Lu Lin, Roger Malina, Paul Marino, Rigoberta Menchú, Marcello Napoli, Blanca Helena Pantin, Howard Rheingold, Alfredo Ronchi, Alejandro Sacristan, Daniel Sandin, Paul Sermon, Stelarc, Robert Stone, Nadia Thalman, Rosa Truijllo, Yesi Maharaj Singh, Unesco, Manuel Viñas Limonchi, Daniela Voto and Stephen Wilson.

Art… Net… Society… is a special issue within the e-What? Project - Net- Technology Society-Democracy, designed by Prof. Giuliano Bianchi and sponsored by the Company Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A. Rome, Italy. Publisher: Editori Riuniti, Rome, Italy