City of Brass

August 1st, 1998 - April 18th, 2000

Categories: Animation, MFA Thesis, Video / Film

Screen shot from <em>City of Brass</em>
Screen shot from City of Brass


An MFA thesis project, the “City of Brass” (Adapted from “A Thousand Nights and One Night”) is a film by Hisham Bizri and Alan Cruz…

Antoine Galland’s Apartment Late Afternoon (FRANCE, 18th. C.)

A hand holding a feathered pen writes on a desk the following words. “We made preparations for four months and traveled in the desert of Al-Andalus. We tried to arrive at the city which nobody had ever heard of and we traveled for 43 days.”

The hands stops writing for a second but then resumes and we hear the voice of a man reading the words: “Finally, we saw the city’s battlements shining out at a distance of five days’ journey. The sight frightened us.”

The voice of woman whispering the following words is juxtaposed over the voice of the man: “and filled our hearts with fear. When we arrived at the wall its form was amazingly terrible and its aspect fearful and horror-inspiring like nothing else in creation. We dismounted and said the evening prayers.”