EVL provides expertise and resources in support of informal science education applications and exhibits for K-20 children and young adults. Our outreach efforts include working with discipline scientists to develop science-based applications for museums and other public venues.

We have collaborated with artists, anthropologists and social scientists to develop cultural heritage VR applications ranging from ancient Olympia in Greece to early 20th-century Harlem in New York City. We have also worked with several museums that have installed our CAVE® virtual reality theater, to advise on technology advancements and to provide content. These museums include Ars Electronica Center in Linz, Austria, and NTT / InterCommunication Center in Tokyo, Japan.

Our outreach efforts also include the work of the Learning Technologies Group, which is co-located within EVL and led by computer science professor Dr. Tom Moher. This interdisciplinary group of graduate students develops and conducts “embedded phenomenon” science education outreach experiments in Chicago public school classrooms.