EVL Research Assistant Ryan Nishimoto Featured as Computer Science Grad

January 6th, 2020

Categories: Applications, Human Factors, MS / PhD Thesis, Museums, Software, User Groups, Virtual Medicine, VR, Human Computer Interaction (HCI)


After graduating with his bachelor’s degree in astrophysics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ryan Nishimoto began his pursuit of blending his interest in astrophysics and computer science. He liked the Electronic Visualization Lab (EVL) and heard good things about the computer science graduate program.

Upon acceptance into the graduate program, Ryan selected a coursework-only option for his degree. This afforded him the opportunity to participate in a number of project-based classes through EVL. One project, he collaborated with Adler Planetarium astronomer Aaron Gellar, and astronomer Mark SubbaRao, who also directs Adler’s Space Visualization Laboratory, on virtual reality and displays to be used as educational tools in the museum. In addition, Ryan received a Research Assistantship under Professor Andy Johnson to work on developing virtual reality applications for patient rehabilitation with the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab.

These experiences helped round out Ryan’s graduate education for which upon graduating with his master’s degree in Computer Science, he will begin a yearlong rotational program with Optum Pharma Inc., a consultancy company specializing in pharmaceuticals and healthcare insurance.

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