LIMBO / VTK: A Tool for Rapid Tele-Immersive Visualization

Authors: Leigh, J., Rajlich, P., Stein, R., Johnson, A., DeFanti T.

Publication: Proceedings of IEEE Visualizaton ’98, Research Triangle Park, NC

This “Late Breaking Hot Topic Paper” describes the LIMBO / VTK a tool that allows developers to quickly build collaborative visualization applications for CAVE, ImmersaDesk as well as desktop workstations. LIMBO / VTK is based on two broadly used technologies: CAVERNsoft, a library for supporting collaborative Virtual Reality, and the Visualization Toolkit, an extensive library for supporting 3D graphics and visualization.

Date: October 18, 1998 - October 23, 1998

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Inside a Sample LIMBO / VTK World - J. Leigh, EVL

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