The International Grid (iGrid) 1998

November 7th, 1998 - November 13th, 1998

Categories: Applications, Networking, Tele-Immersion


The “International Grid” (iGrid) research booth at Supercomputing ’98 was a collaboration between the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Indiana University (IU) to showcase global research community networking.

Booth connectivity to STAR TAP℠ via the vBNS enabled participating researchers to interact with colleagues worldwide in order to demonstrate a variety of applications - manufacturing, health care, education, environmental studies, and computational science and engineering - which utilize such technological advancements as distributed computing, tele-immersion, large datasets, remote instrumentation, and collaboration.

EVL demonstrated CAVERNsoft Tele-Immersive Collaborations between Singapore, Australia, Japan, and the United States through the iGrid.